Ten Herbs That Improve Immune System Function Naturally


The winter months are a difficult time not just in the northern part of the United States, but in many other places as well.

While it is possible to get some Vitamin D during the winter months with the minimal sun exposure available and supplementation, deficiencies are common.

This puts the immune system in a bind because Vitamin D is one of the best ways to improve it.

Aside from Vitamin D, taking Vitamin K2 also helps improve immunity.

By starting with Vitamin D optimization, improving immunity becomes easier during the winter months.

In addition, getting the right herbs and other nutrients can make a big difference.

The following are ten of the best herbs and other plant-based substances to help improve immunity this winter.


10. Vitamin C- Our bodies lost the ability to make Vitamin C centuries ago like most primates, although some members of this family including lemurs are still able to produce the vitamin.

This is just one reason why Vitamin C supplementation is so important.

Most people choose non-organic, unnatural Vitamin C supplements which are often made from GMO corn, meaning they aren’t getting the full spectrum of Vitamin C benefits that Nobel Prize winning chemist Linus Pauling described.

Dr. Paul recommended taking Vitamin C orally from natural sources, claiming up to 75% of cancers could be healed this way. His Institute generally recommends between 400 mg-2,000 mg per day of Vitamin C.

organic vitamin c recommendations linus pauling institute


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9. Neem- Most people know Neem leaf for its benefits for oral health, but it also can help increase immunity to disease in the human body.

Neem leaf helps to boost the immune system by giving the body what it needs to fight off infections. It also is helpful for people with diabetes, and can help people avoid fever, malaria, viruses, dengue and other similar disorders.

8. Elderberry- Typically found growing in the wild, elderberry helps to prevent viruses from entering and attaching to human cells.

This dark, purple berry has become a best-selling anti-viral, anti-flu aid in recent years.

Research has shown that it is especially helpful for protecting people from viruses and infection during air travel.
7. Coconut Oil- This oil is well known for its benefits for cooking, but it’s also one of the strongest anti-viral substances on the market.

Coconut oil has many health benefits that are just now being re-discovered.

Coconut oil helps break down the outer shell of viruses and enters them, destroying them from the inside-out.

According to Dr. Bruce Fife, author of ‘The Coconut Oil Miracle,’ 1-3 tablespoons of coconut oil in smoothies or taken orally or in hot water are the best ways to get more healing coconut oil in your diet.





6. Oregano- This herb often found in essential oils is one of the strongest anti-viral substances out there.

Its specific function is to prevent viral replication, a key function considering that mutation and replication are the main methods that viruses disrupt and harm the human organism.

Oregano has an unplea犀利士
sant taste and it is generally not recommended to take oregano essential oil internally, which is why I take it in these capsules.

They contain 18 different herbs from around the world as part of a formula called ‘Radiate Immunity.’

Radiate Immunity contains oregano oil for protection from viral replication along with four rare herbs from the Amazon Rainforest.

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garlic bulbs for immune system health

5. Garlic- Garlic is another strong anti-viral, so much so that some people have taken to making soups of 10-20 garlic cloves to use as a natural antibiotic substitute that has been said to defeat norovirus and other serious ailments (consult a doctor first before trying).

The sulphur in garlic helps the body to absorb Zinc, a key nutrient that helps prevent sickness and flu.

4. Camu Camu- This tiny orange berry is just now being discovered by the United States mainstream for its health benefits.

It is said to be the number one source of Vitamin C on Earth, helping to boost the immune system naturally.

3. Sangre de Drago- Made from a red tree sap sourced from the Amazon Rainforest, Sangre de Drago is used in supplements, hair and skincare products, and more.

When taken internally it can help the body produce more of the youth-enhancing protein collagen. It also repairs the stomach lining so that more nutrients can be absorbed by your cells.




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citronella herb

3. Citronella- Most people use this herb or essential oil to keep insects away. but it also is a huge bonus for people with weakened immune systems.

Citronella helps to destroy fungal infections that may compromise lung function of people with immune system weakness, underscoring the specialized functions of herbs for fighting off disease, especially during the winter months.

2. Cinnamon- This culinary spice is important for immune system health.

It helps to protect against influenza, dengue fever and similar ailments.

Cinnamon also relieves inflammation and prevents blood sugar spikes, equipping your system to better fight off potentially hostile organisms.

1. Kelp- A highly bioactive compound found in kelp known as fucoidan is just one reason why kelp is widely consumed in Asian countries and other places around the world.

It also helps improve production of an enzyme in the human body called Lysozyme, which helps to improve the integrity of the mucosal barrier.

If you’ve ever had to turn to drugs such as Mucinex to improve mucus function, you may want to try supplementing with kelp instead to see if it improves from the inside-out.


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