“The Gladiator” Himself Russell Crowe Lashes Out at the Food Industry with Expletive-Laced Tirade (Video)


Russell Crowe. Photo: Independent.co.uk



Russell Crowe is known worldwide for his role as alpha male in movies ranging from The Gladiator to Cinderella Man and everything in between.

But the 51-year-old, New Zealand born Crowe’s life extends far beyond the silver screen: he’s also big into the clean food movement, and he doesn’t have a whole lot of patience for companies passing off junk and unnecessary chemicals as food!

Crowe has managed maintain a healthy physique over the years in large part due to a healthy organic diet; he’s even invested in an organic beef company that sells to upscale restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia.

In the rare clip below, “The Gladiator” loses his cool over the state of the food system in America, and makes a pretty valid comparison that will leave you thinking.

Saying that the people responsible for making our food should be held to “the highest level of due diligence and responsibility should be applied to the people who serve food,” Crowe appeared on what looks to be a talk show where he let loose with the comments below.

In Australia, Crowe says, there’s an emulsifier in a particular type of baby shampoo that is actually used as “cherry flavoring” in America.


We Can’t Allow People to Serve Us @&%$ and Call It Food…”

“One country it’s a soap, and here it’s a food?” he protests. “What the $%A$…”

For all the people who have been fighting against the system and fighting for good old fashioned clean, organic and natural food, this video will be quite therapeutic (I know it was for me personally).

To see the full rant from Mr. Gladiator himself, check out the video below (special thanks to the Facebook page Healthy Wild and Free for recording this clip).





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