The Health Benefits of Saw Palmetto (Great for Men’s Hair Loss, Impotence Problems and More)

Saw palmetto, a small and hard “berry” encased in a black, oval shell, is used often for many men’s health issues and included in many formulas for hair loss, resolving impotence issues, and much more.

You can buy the berries whole from the health food store or in a container of supplements, or you can buy herbal supplements, which are popular in drug stores and on other large store shelves.

I like to buy the berries whole, cracking the shell before placing them into hot water to make into a tea, which has a very light and barely noticeable flavor to it.

A friend of mine named Sam who is actually younger than me has been dealing with hair loss his whole adult life, and he is a big believer in the benefits of saw palmetto to assist in healthy hair growth.

I’ve seen it work first hand in him, and since the reality is that most of the over the counter hair growth medications are not so healthy (with all the chemicals and whatnot), it is worth trying saw palmetto if you have hair loss issues. The saw palmetto alone didn’t completely resolve his hair loss issues, but combined with a healthier, more mineral rich diet, he was able to restore much of his receding hairline and added a new level of thickness to his hair.

Adding good circulatory herbs like cayenne or turmeric to the mix may make saw palmetto more effective.

Saw palmetto is one of the ultimate herbs for men’s health because it also supports prostate health, preventing the enlargement of the prostate gland, according to several studies.

Herbal health practitioners also use it for male impotence issues and it is supposed to support sexual function as well, although I haven’t used it for that purpose personally.

Saw palmetto also has gained fame among body builders and weight lifters who swear by its effects for helping to build muscle and to perform in the gym.

While I haven’t personally tried it before working out, I did notice that it helped me to feel a little more robust in general after drinking the tea, and I could see it helping for that purpose.

Saw palmetto extract is great for hair regrowth and men's health in general.

Saw palmetto extract is great for hair regrowth and men’s health in general.

With so many benefits documented both in anecdotes and in research, it’s definitely safe to say that this tiny, humble berry is one of the best natural supplements for men on the market today.

You can try a saw palmetto supplement by clicking here.

Sample recommended dose: About 300 mg per day; some say 320 or higher is a good number as well (check with a doctor or herbalist to see what dose may be right for you, as with each of these recommendations…these dosages may vary based on what type of individual health problems you’re seeking to address and also what your current health state is).

Also note that most healing professionals feel that herbs are best taken on an empty stomach, both first thing in the morning with high quality filtered or spring water, and at night.

P.S. This herb is featured as one of the top 50 herbs for men’s health in our eBook ‘Performance Upgrade,’ which can be found here. 





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