The Hypocrisy of Monsanto’s “Promise Not to Sue” Organic Farmers

A recent court decision has many in the organic farming community frustrated, as described in a new article on that I wrote, which can be read here.

One of the biggest things that irks me, and many others in the holistic health space, about Monsanto and GMOs is the cross contamination aspect of the “technology.”

Monsanto and other companies’ GMOs have the ability to cross contaminate similar plants, such as GMO corn with organic or conventional non-GMO corn, and even sugar beets with other non-GMO sugar beets and similar plants including table beets and Swiss chard, although contamination in the cases of those “cousin” type plants is much more rare.

Cross-contamination is also a serious threat to the livelihoods of multitudes of organic and non-GMO farmers, as they fear that their crops will become contaminate and thus rejected by international markets much like what happened in the aftermath of the GMO wheat scandal that recently unfolded.

A recent court decision has many in the organic farming community even more frustrated, as a judge has ruled that Monsanto’s “promise not to sue,” a vague and unsigned, short paragraph on its website, is enough to preclude it from having to defend itself in what would have been a landmark case. The OSGATA farmers association had been seeking protection from patent infringement in the event of accidental drift and contamination from GMO pollen.

The promise has proven to be hollow in the past and Monsanto’s own layers have even characterized it as “vague and without meaning,” but the judge failed to take that into account, as the head of OSGATA, Jim Gerritsen, recently told me.

Gerritsen described his own issue and OSGATA’s lawyers’ issues with  the promise in this article that was recently published by Occupy Monsanto on their website You can read the article by clicking here.

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