This Fruit Company is Treating Produce With Dangerous Apeel Coatings From Bill Gates

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Lemons are one of the healthiest produce items on Planet Earth. Lemon water can help to balance pH levels, kill candida and fungus, support digestion and more.

Lemons, limes and grapefruit contain a type of healthy acid that can restore the youthful appearance of skin. Even the peels of these fruits are rich in Vitamin C and disease-fighting compounds.

The healthy status of lemons could change in the near future, however, if Bill Gates’ controversial ‘Apeel’ company gets its way.

According to one watchdog organization, the biggest lemon producer in the United States is well on its way to adding the potentially dangerous coatings to its produce.


This Company Wants Bill Gates’ Apeel on All of Its Lemons

Lemons Apeel

Limoneira is one of the largest lemon growers in the United States.

The company says it expects to produce over five million cartons of lemons in 2023.

This May, Limoneira announced it signed a deal with Goleta, California based Apeel Sciences, a Bill Gates funded company, to coat its produce in ‘Edipeel’ coatings, also known as ‘Apeel.’

The OCA and other have spoken out about the potentially dangerous chemicals in Apeel.

“Apeel says its coating is composed entirely of monoglycerides and diglycerides,” the OCA said.

“According to Apeel’s submission to the FDA, the industrial process it use(s)…leaves residues of ethyl acetate, heptane, palladium, arsenic, lead, cadmium and mercury.”


European Safety Organization’s About Apeel

The OCA said that a European Food Safety Authority review of monoacylglycerides (E 471) found “the potential exposure to toxic elements resulting from the consumption of E 471 could be substantial.”

Similar to GMO crops designed to extend shelf life like GMO “non-browning apples,” Bill Gates’ Apeel coatings are designed to “give the supply chain more time,” according to its website.

This is problematic for consumers who want healthy food according to the Organic Consumers Association (OCA), which has launched a petition against Limoneira to force them to change.

The lemon grower began 1893. Its CEO now wants to coat the world’s entire lemon supply with potentially dangerous Apeel coatings from Bill Gates.

Limoneira, Bill Gates, Apeel

“Limoneira, one of the largest U.S. growers of lemons, including organic, doesn’t grow every lemon sold in the world, but CEO Harold Edwards’s goal is to “coat every lemon in the world with Apeel,” the OCA wrote on its blog.


The best way to avoid Apeel coated produce is to buy from local, trusted natural and organic farmers and to ask plenty of questions before buying your produce.

Always check labels before buying, avoid the Limoneira brand and buy from a different lemon company if possible.

More information on Apeel and the companies planning to use it can be found on the OCA’s website here.

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