Wanna Get to Bed Early Tonight? Just 1-2 Drops of These and You’ll Sleep Like a Baby!


Millions of people have a hard time getting to sleep and staying asleep every year, but the solutions are often far simpler than we realize.

Simple mental tricks like reading a fiction book, which engages the creative and visual parts of your brain (rather than the logical parts like a non-fiction book) and meditating can make a monumental difference if you’re trying to get to sleep early. 

Others have had success by turning off all artificial light at night and using natural, softer light like candles and/or Himalayan salt lamps.

And of course there are diet tips and tricks that can help as well. But one tip for peaceful sleep that is catching on among the holistic health crowd involves just a few drops of the right essential oils on the “softest part” of your bed.



One to Two Drops for Peaceful Sleep?

It can be especially difficult to calm the mind at night before sleep, which is one of the reasons why using aromatherapy is so effective.

For relaxing just before bed there are 3 essential oils that get the job done best:

Pure Lavender Oil Imagine rolling purple hills of lavender and you may prime your body for a sleep state; breathe in the scent of the oil itself and you may be catching your z’s before you even realize it.

This double-blind randomized study actually found a lavender oil based capsule to be as effective as the sleep drug Lorezapam for relieving Generalized Anxiety Disorder, which can help lead to better sleep (plus no side effects like blurred vision or muscle weakness with lavender oil)!

Orange Essential Oil- Far different than the not-so-pure orange juices you’ll find on store shelves, the potent orange essential oil has a strong but calming scent that many use in place of lavender oil under their pillows to relax before sleep.

Roman Chamomile Oil- Most people enjoy a chamomile tea but the essential oil can be even stronger for feeling calm at night before bed.

As with the other two oils, just 1-2 drops on the bottom of your pillow will do the trick.

It is recommended you don’t put the oils on your skin, but simply by breathing in their scent your body and mind will naturally become relaxed for a more peaceful sleep thanks to the power of essential oils. 

When it comes to getting asleep early it’s usually a case of mind over matter and all three of these essential oils can play a big part in helping to calm your mind. 



I tried this the other night (while also putting the lavender oil on my feet) and it bring me to that “sleepy state” in a natural and calming way…Combined with the warming red glow of my salt lamp it was hard not to fall asleep when the time came! 

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