WhatIf Foods BamNut Regenerative Noodles and Nut Milk Products Review

bamnut regenerative whatif noodles review


Over the past year and a half, I have developed a somewhat unhealthy obsession with ramen noodles and instant noodles while watching the producers of my favorite hiking show, Adventure Archives, each week.

Adventure Archives stars a group of avid hikers Andrew Lin, Bryan Lin, Robby Huang and Thomas Sinard as they enjoy meals over the campfire, camaraderie, and hiking trips across the various landscapes and parks of the United States.

Oftentimes, the group indulges in instant and/or ramen noodles over the campfire.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try a much healthier instant noodle company named WhatIf Foods, which also makes nut milks from an unlikely source, all based on the principles of regenerative agriculture.

WhatIf Foods Noodles and Milks Review


For the purposes of this review I was given the chance to taste and enjoy noodles and milks made from the BamNut, a legume native to Africa that is used for many purposes here in the United States.

The BamNut is a crop that is incredibly useful in regenerative agriculture because of its ability to grow in poor soils without the need for pesticides or herbicides.

The BamNut holds nitrogen in the soil and contributes organic matter back into it, building a “beautiful underground roots system conducive to soil restoration.”


Read More About Regenerative Agriculture Here



For the purposes of this review, I tried two categories of products from WhatIf Foods: BamNut milk and BamNut noodles. 

To me, the milk tasted quite similar to almond milk.

It had a subtle, earthy and nutty taste that went well in both smoothies and cereal.

Ingredients included bambara ground nuts, coconut oil, calcium and B vitamins.

Overall, I am a big fun of BamNut and enjoy it as much as any other milk I’ve tried.

Find more information or order BamNut milk here.

Secondly, I also tried the instant noodles from WhatIf Foods. 

These noodles were easy to whip up in a pot with boiling water and tasted excellent.

I tried the regular pumpkin, moringa and charcoal flavors and all four were great.

These noodles have a whopping 17 grams of protein per serving, one of my favorite features along with the unique superfood enhanced flavors.

They also included a spice packet and a sauce packet with each one, adding to the noodle eating experience.

I could see myself taking these noodles on a camping trip or adding them to chicken or other meats to add to the overall nutrient and flavor profile.

Learn more or try these noodles from WhatIf Foods by clicking here.


Final Thoughts on WhatIf Foods BamNut Products

Overall I am a huge fan of these products.

They are packed with protein and flavor and make for a nice change-of-pace from almond, coconut, and other milks.

Noodle-wise, they are incredibly tasty and unique as far as functional health products go.

More information can be found on WhatIf Foods’ website here, and they are also available for purchase on Amazon.com here.

Special thanks to WhatIf Foods for providing these delicious and nutritious foods for sampling purposes! 




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