Why Absorbing Fluoride in the Shower is Especially Dangerous


Fluoride in the water supply is a problem that Americans and North Americans in particular deal with more than residents of other areas, but most of the time, the focus is on drinking water.

Water bottles that remove fluoride on the go, water pitchers and more are often employed, but what about removing fluoride from the water that we shower in?

The symptoms of too much fluoride exposure are pretty well known, and most of them are mild until the problem becomes more pronounced. They include: learning disorders (as Harvard researchers discovered recently), body temperature fluctuations including cold shivers, heart palpitations, depression, nausea, joint pain (as this is where fluoride and other chemical toxins can be stored), headaches and migraines, and much, much more.

Some shower filters, like this one from Omica Organics, remove fluoride (and snap on easily). Be sure to ask the manufacturer before buying.

My shower filter from Omica Organics. Click here to learn more.

Fluoride also greatly disrupts the thyroid gland, which can lead to weight gain and serious hormonal issues (that lead to more weight gain).

While we all love a good long, hot shower, the reality of the situation is that we’re exposing ourselves to high levels of toxic industrial fluoride, chlorine and other chemicals from our tap water as we’re doing it, and the more time we leave the shower head running the more time these chemicals have to interact with each other, creating newer, more toxic reactions (many of which haven’t been studied; this has been widely mentioned albeit not studied extensively due to the difficulty factor).

It’s been said that during each regular length shower, your skin absorbs the equivalent of a full glass of water, so even if you’re using a fluoride filter to remove it from your drinking water, the odds are that you’re still getting an (un)healthy dose every single day.

In order to combat fluoride exposure, be sure to buy your water from filtered sources and avoid tap water as much as you can, when it comes to drinking water that is.


For filtering fluoride from the shower, be aware that some brands including Aquasana, a popular shower filter brand, do not actually remove fluoride.

A full-house reverse osmosis system is probably best for removing fluoride from your home, but if you can’t get one, you may want to try the [easyazon_link asin=”B0059EMIFW” locale=”US” new_window=”default” nofollow=”default” tag=”al0b63-20″]Omica Shower Filter[/easyazon_link].

I personally use this shower filter and replace it once a year, since chemicals and toxins can build up in the filter and I want to make sure I’m not absorbing them directly into my bloodstream while I take those otherwise relaxing (and hard to step out of) hot showers.

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