Wisconsin Company Will Microchip Their Employees During a “Chip Party”



The concern about RIFD chips being inserted into people has been steadily growing over the years, and now the first U.S. company has officially made the leap.

A company in Wisconsin is going to microchip over 50 of their employees during what they call a “chip party.” While right now this is voluntary, it’s not hard for employers to put it into the contract to make it mandatory. Is this a future that we are moving towards? And if so, are their known and still unknown health repercussions?

The first employee microchipping will take place on August 1 at Three Square Market (32M), according to their press release. The rice-size chips will be implanted between the thumb and the forefinger just underneath the skin and will be used to pay at the vending machines, to open doors, and to use office equipment: computers, phones, and copy machines. The company says there will not be a GPS tracker installed.

Jowan Osterland is the CEO of BioHax. PHOTO: Tedx

Three Square Market partnered with BioHax International and Jowan Osterland of Sweden for this program. BioHax motto is “turning the internet of things into the internet of us,” and they are all about biohacking, body-upgrading and implanting. And in Europe, microchipping has already become pretty popular.

“The future is now and the Biohax lead us into it with their clever implants,” writes one reviewer on Biohax Facebook page.

Meanwhile, Three Square Market has a 1-star rating out of 34 reviews on Google.

“After their announcement for using chips in humans, I have lost all respect for them. I will never support them again,” wrote one person.

One of the problems with microchipping is that the RFID or Radio-Frequency Identification technology uses electromagnetic field (EMF) to connect to information stored on other devices. And studies have linked EMFs to cancers and other health issues, although even WHO admits that they never have been studied enough to determine their true risk.

Senator Becky Harris has recently spoke against mandatory microchipping, which may be a threat of the future, out of ethical concerns, as well as hacking problems, but most importantly because of the health issues. Studies have found that cancerous tumors can grow at injection sites when tested on animals.

RFID chips were approved by the FDA in 2004 for medical uses, but there have been infections on the site of injection due to adverse tissue reaction. This and other health concerns are posted on the FDA site. The FDA ignores any cancer threats.

Meanwhile, there have been multiple studies since the 90s linking microchips to tumors in animals that most media sites have forgotten about, but the issue got covered by NBC News.

Over 10% of microchipped mice developed cancer in a 1998 study; over 4% of mice had tumors after being microchipped in France in 2006; and about 1% of mice got cancer in a 1997 study.

“The tumors are clearly due to the implanted microchips,” the study’s authors concluded.

Animals studies do not automatically fully apply to humans but raise a huge concern.

At the end of the day, these devices are a convenience not a necessity, and they have not been fully studied for health implications. Is this cancer risk worth getting a snack from a vending machine without having to carry a wallet?

Watch an ABC report on Wisconsin “chip party”:

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