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Gates Funded an Implantable Device That Would “Embed Vaccination Records Into a Child’s Skin,” Scientific American Reported in 2018

  Do the so-called “conspiracy theories” against Bill Gates carry any validity, or are they simply the product of an obsessive social media-driven society with too much time on their hands and an imagination gone wild? A quick Google search on “Bill Gates conspiracy” brings up page after page of [...]
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“We Don’t Need This Technology:” Organizers Rally to Stop GMO Mosquito Release in Florida Keys in Memory of Fallen Activist

Residents of the Florida Keys have been locked in a prolonged ideological and civic battle with the British company Oxitec for years now, as the company seeks to release genetically engineered mosquitoes in the otherwise pristine natural area. While the mosquitoes have been engineered to combat disease, there are strong [...]
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Thousands of Protesters Shut Down City Streets, March in Germany Against Government’s Increasing Coronavirus Restrictions

  The coronavirus situation has continued to be the focus of newspaper headlines worldwide, as strategies and tactics are debated to curb the spread of the disease and to help fortify citizens against it, whether through antibody treatments, drugs, or other conventional methods. Alternative methods of controlling the disease such [...]
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