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Native American Leader Calls Out Bill Gates, Billionaire Class in Powerful Letter: “He Now Owns More Farmland Than My Entire Nation”

    A quick online search for the term “climate change” reveals an onslaught of news on the topic, most of it focusing on emissions and the shift away from “carbon-based fossil-fuel energy projects.” What the mainstream media refuses to focus on, however, is the solution staring them right in [...]
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Hillary Clinton’s Foundation Arranged for Chinese Vaccine Makers to Avoid U.S. Scrutiny, World Health Organization Report Reveals

    Editor’s note: This article was first written in 2016. It does not reference COVID-19 or COVID-19 vaccines, but it does shed light on the multi-billion dollar global vaccine market and how business is conducted, along with concerns about vaccine oversight, quality control, adverse events and safety testing.    [...]
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“This antibiotic will ruin you” – A Woman Had to Undergo 20 Surgeries to Repair Damage This Common Drug Caused. (FDA issued a warning too late…)

    These antibiotics received countless warnings time and time again. Since 1992 consumers have reported the devastating effects they can have on the body, and yet the FDA did nothing. In 2016, the drug warning was finally updated to include the reports, but for many it was too late, [...]
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