Fluoride Removing Lab Test Results for the Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher

As I’ve noted in the past, there are dozens of water filters on the market, but many of them either do not remove fluoride or claim to remove fluoride but do not offer the test results to back up their claims.

For example, not too long ago I requested an Aquasana shower filter to review, not realizing that it had no technology built in to remove harmful fluoride from my tap water in the shower. It seemed odd that the product would remove chlorine but not fluoride, especially with so many people seeking to avoid the dangerous industrial chemical in their water, so I decided not to review it.

Recently, I was given a sample water pitcher from the Clearly Filtered company, however, and this company also went out of their way to  provide me with test results so I could be sure that their product works to remove fluoride.

The Clearly Filtered water pitcher, which can filter fluoride and much more from your tap water.

The Clearly Filtered water pitcher, which can filter fluoride and much more from your tap water.

Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher Lab Results

According to their laboratory test results, 99.99% of chlorine and 90% of fluoride are removed by their products; these fluoride removal numbers are particularly high compared to some of the other results I’ve seen.

The filter was independently tested and certified by EPA protocols and NSF standards (42 and 53) and results can be found on the company’s website here. These results were taken from the water pitcher, which I use as a backup whenever I run out of reverse-osmosis filtered water from the health food store.

Water from the Clearly Filtered pitcher tastes clean and pure compared to the tap water I put into it each morning, and considering that I normally spend over a dollar a gallon for filtered water at the grocery store, it also has helped me to save money in the long run.

You can purchase the Clearly Filtered water pitcher by clicking here.

P.S. You can see some of the results of the filtration test below, which were given to the Clearly Filtered company by the Los Angeles County’s Environmental Toxicology Bureau.

Lab results from the Clearly Filtered water pitcher.

Lab results from the Clearly Filtered water pitcher. Click here to learn more or purchase this product.

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