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The Weather Channel, Which Has Partnered with Monsanto in the Past, Comes Out in Support of GMOs on Its Website and Facebook Page

Despite the ongoing, growing grassroots movement against genetically modified organisms (GMOs) both in the United States and overseas, the mainstream media has continued to push its biased narrative that GMOs have been “proven safe” and activists are “anti-science.” They virtually ignored the May 24 worldwide March Against Monsanto despite several [...]
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“Highly Corrosive” Fluoride Officially Removed by from American Town’s Water Supply

Citing corrosive damage to city equipment, trucks, and water pipes, Board of Aldermen members in Buffalo, Missouri recently made the decision to stop fluoridating their public water supply. The town, located just north of Springfield, said that transporting the fluoride chemicals was causing damage to city vehicles as well as [...]
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Four Simple Ways to Protect Your Brain From the Harmful Effects of Fluoride Water

On the heels of the news that fluoride was recently classified in the world’s top medical journal, The Lancet, as a neurotoxin on par with some of the most notorious substances in that class such as arsenic and mercury, more and more people are looking for solutions. Reducing fluoride exposure [...]
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