Nine-year-old Boy Daniel Bissonnette Gives Monsanto the Business in Epic Speech at Vancouver March (With Video)


On Saturday, May 24, millions of activists descended upon cities and towns across the world to March Against Monsanto, in support of food freedom. One of the day’s many highlights came from one of the most unlikely sources: a 9-year-old boy named Daniel Bissonnette, who gave what may have been the speech of the day (and a lifetime) at the March Against Monsanto event in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Over the course of the 4:35 video (see the bottom of this page), Bissonnette lays into Monsanto and chemical farming in general, never wavering in delivering his message with poise and passion. I especially like how Bissonnette talks not just problems, but also solutions in the speech. While most kids his age are busy avoiding vegetables, Bissonnette seems focused on growing and enjoying more of them, and doing it the right way.

“I’m for sustainable agriculture, growing vegetables at school gardens, and at home,” Bissonnette asserts. Bissonnette also stands up for organic farmers, asking an important question.

“Why is it that farmers who use GMO seeds and spray lots of chemicals don’t have to tell you anything, but a farmer who cares for the soil and grows nutritious, healthy crops has to spend lots of time and money to come up with a label to tell you his food is organic?”

Bissonnette says as a raucous cheer goes up from the March Against Monsanto crowd in Vancouver. While it may seem as if we’re living in some sort of Twilight Zone scenario these days when it comes to food and farming, we can all draw strength and inspiration from the activists who remain steadfast, especially those who are wise and confident beyond their years like Daniel.

Do your part and share this speech with your family and friends, and be sure to spread awareness about what’s really going on when it comes to our health and what GMOs are doing to us.



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