Product Review: An Organic, Fruit-Flavored Greens Powder with a Focus on Immunity

Nested Naturals' new Super Greens Immunity blend is packed full of organic superfoods.

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The winter months present many health challenges for people of all ages, starting with stress and including a lack of Vitamin D among other key nutrients.

Recently I had the opportunity to try an organic greens powder with a special focus on immunity created by Nested Naturals, a company that prides itself on ‘Natural, Honest Ingredients.’

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Nested Naturals Immunity Taste 

The Immunity Formula differs significantly from the original Super Greens formula by Nested Naturals I tried back in August of 2023, starting with a fruity taste compared to the slight chocolatey taste added to the original.

The Immunity blend gets its flavor from an ingredient called ‘organic berry flavor,’ which is listed on the bottom of the canister.

The color of the drink once it’s mixed up is a dark, rich green.

I like the taste of this drink a lot, but if you’re someone who doesn’t tolerate green drinks well it may take some time to get used to because you definitely will taste the green superfoods in addition to the berry flavor.

Nested Naturals Nutrition 

This is another area where the Nested Naturals Immunity formula really shines.

Superfoods included in this blend are the following:

-Alkalizing blend of nine green superfoods including parsley and spinach

-Fiber blend of apple, rice bran soluble powder, and Jerusalem artichoke inulin powder

-Antioxidant/Immune blend of 11 superfoods including berries, roots and herbs

-A protibiotic blend

-An enzyme blend of five major enzymes for enhanced digestion

All food based ingredients are listed as organic.


My Personal Thoughts on Nested Naturals

This Immunity blend is the second product I’ve tried from Nested Naturals, a USA-produced product from a Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada based company.

I found it to be of incredibly high quality. From the nutrition to the way everything blends seamlessly together to the way it made me feel, I was impressed in every possible way.

The price point is also lower than similar quality superfood blend drinks like these although I do feel as there is a slightly smaller quantity of superfoods than other higher-priced products.

All things considered I give this product a rating of 10/10 stars.

It’s something I would purchase on my own as a morning and night time drink on an empty stomach because of the nutritional gaps it allows me to fill without much effort or prep work.

Learn More or Buy Nested Naturals Here

You can also find Nested Naturals on where the company offers Super Greens, a Menopause support product, a B Complex vitamin blend, Magnesium, Choline, D-Mannose capsules with cranberry extract and a wide variety of other unique, targeted supplements for overall health.

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Special thanks to Nested Naturals for sending me this supplement! Check them out on Facebook here


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