“A Massive Health Experiment on All Species:” Public Expert Issues Dire Warning on Health Dangers of 5G Towers

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Aside from the mass poisoning of our bodies through sodium fluoride, GMO foods, glyphosate, and countless other unnatural and chemical-intensive health risks, the latest, biggest such risk is far more hidden.

Camouflaged inside a technological and cultural addiction that shows no signs of slowing, the long-awaited nationwide network of 5G towers is officially starting to roll out, with over 154,000 of them currently in service and nearly 1 million expected to be installed by 2026 nationwide.

But somewhere along the way, the health risks of this revolutionary technology were shoved under the rug, and still have not been properly studied, critics say.

Now, a public health expert from one of the country’s top public universities has come out in opposition to the forthcoming 5G experiment, warning the public to stand up and protect the health of “all species” from these harmful towers before it’s too late.

5G “A Massive Experiment on All Species,” Public Health Expert Warns

Dr. Joel Moskowitz of the University of California, Berkeley has a long history of studying the health effects of cell phones, smoking, mammography and many other controversial topics in the world of health.

But according to his recent comments in the Daily Mail, it appears as though he hasn’t seen anything quite like 5G when it comes to the massive public health risks involved.

“The deployment of 5G, or fifth generation cellular technology, constitutes a massive experiment on the health of all species,” he said to the newspaper according to this article.

The 5G towers will begin transmitting cell phone signals in high-band “millimeter wave” frequencies, which “may affect the eyes, the testes, the skin, the peripheral nervous system, and sweat glands,” he said. These waves are predominantly absorbed by the skin, he continued, or through the central nervous system.

The waves, which also may have the ability to create more antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the environment, have Moskowitz and other public health officials on edge, demanding a more cautious approach as the nationwide 5G rollout begins from AT&T, Verizon and other companies.

Already, a relatively similar type of millimeter wave is being utilized by airport body scanners, which have been implicated in cancer-causing lawsuits.

Other sources of unhealthy EMF pollution include smart meters, power lines, home appliances, electrical generators and more.



Over 200 Doctors, Scientists Call for an Immediate Halt to 5G Wireless 

Health risks from cell phone radiation are already a major problem in the United States and other advanced countries, and if you’ve ever surfed the Web on your phone for longer than 10 minutes at a time, you probably already know this instinctively: the harsh tingling feeling that results is just one clue as to the damage being done.

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Most people believe cell phones to be completely safe because of how common they are, but the hidden history of how these phones were approved in the first place tells a different tale altogether.

As noted in a blockbuster recent report in The Nation, cell phones were originally approved without any government safety testing, despite the fact that George Carlo, the scientist hand-picked by the president of the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association, testified that cell phone company executives were privately told by their own scientists in the 1990s that cell phones “could cause cancer and genetic damage.

What followed was a years-long PR campaign similar to those waged by the oil, cigarette, and even GMO food industries designed to deliberately confuse the public.

“Doubt is our product,” Carlo said in a letter that some call the “smoking gun” showing the damage being caused by cell phones.

Decades later, a similar pattern is now unfolding with 5G, which has also undergone zero pre-market safety testing according to a coalition of concerned doctors, Physicians for Safe Technology.

Industry insiders remain eager to roll out 5G anyway, however, insisting that it is “safe.”

sacramento 5g protection

A 5G cell phone tower in Sacramento, the first 5G city (which has a public-private partnership with Verizon).


In response to this growing threat, more than 200 doctors have released an urgent call to action to stop the construction of the new 5G towers because of a laundry list of new health concerns.

The Many Health Risks of 5G (Plus How to Protect Your Family)

According to Dr. Gloriane Giovannelli’s website, EMF radiation and 5G may harm our bodies in the following ways:

-May change how we metabolize cells

-May cause psychiatric effects, including: depression, anxiety, neurodegenerative issues, cardiac arrhythmias and more

-Has the ability to negatively effect male fertility, and possibly female fertility as well

-May damage DNA, causing breaks in the strands

-Believed to have negative effects on the central nervous system

-Negatively affects the skin (cell phone radiation is absorbed through our sweat ducts)

Dr. Giovannelli offered the following tips on how to avoid the many nasty potential side effects of 5G cell phone radiation:

1. Keep Your Distance- Your cell phone should be placed outside your room at night, and kept away from your body whenever possible. Avoid sensitive areas, especially if you are pregnant.

2. Turn Off Wi-Fi at Night- Doing this may not completely eliminate radiation and EMF exposure, but it will help to greatly reduce it.

3. Use Special Headphones- Wired headphones are best, but some have a wire that can act like an antenna and magnify the radiation emissions all the way to the earpiece, according to Dr. Joseph Mercola.

(I use these anti-radiation air tube headphones from the company Safesleeve, which also makes an EMF-blocking phone case that has been tested and verified by the FCC to block up to 99% of all cell phone EMFs and radiation)

Another way to avoid 5G and cell phone radiation is to live as far away from these towers as possible, and to stay up-to-date on any building developments in your community.

The EMF Safety Network also has a 10-step list on how to protect your community from new 5G tower construction which can be read by clicking here.

While opposition and awareness of 5G dangers is growing, plans to stop the towers in some communities have hit a major snag, as cell phone companies can actually sue individual cities for attempting to stop their construction, as explained the news report below:


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