A McDonald’s Burger From 1995 is Still Perfectly Intact — And Even The Rats Won’t Eat It


McDonald’s was founded by the McDonald’s brothers on May 15, 1940 in San Bernadino, California. The restaurant was originally a carhop drive-in system that would later move into the drive-through, fast food concept that has become popular the world over.

The McDonald’s company’s recipe has changed considerably since its original iteration. Preservatives, artificial ingredients, stabilizers, emulsifiers, and genetically modified ingredients made from genetically modified corn, soy, canola, and sugar beets have all been part of the McDonald’s menu in the company’s last two-plus decades of operations.

Recently, the New York Post decided to spotlight the curious case of an infamous McDonald’s burger that was first ordered way back in 1995 when Bill Clinton was the United States’ president.

The burger, a Quarter Pounder with cheese, was ordered by Australian friends Casey Dean and Eduards Nits from a McDonald’s in Adelaide, Australia back when they were teenagers.

Since then, it has gone on to become one of the most well known burgers in the history of the world, as the burger is still intact after nearly three decades of existence.

McDonald's fossilized burger.
The story began when the teenagers ordered ‘truckload of food’ that was ‘just way too much,’ according to Dean as told to AFP.
“It started a chain of events where we were joking, ‘imagine if we kept this forever.'”

The two friends decided to call the rapidly fossilizing sandwich their “mate.” It has since been called the ‘McFossil’ and has been displayed intact with ‘no signs of mold or smell,” although it has shrunk a bit from its original size.

The burger was stored in a carboard and timber box, the Post article said.

It has spent most of its life in Adelaide, a city where 86 degree plus temperatures are common in the summertime.

Casey Dean of the McDonald's fossilized burger experiment.

According to Casey Dean, one of the original experimenters, rats will not touch the fossilized McDonald’s burger.


Dean has turned down multiple offers to sell the seemingly immortal burger since it first hit the spotlight in 2015. Its waxy paper and cardboard ring date it back to the mid-90s, the duo says.

The record is still disputed against a claim from David Whipple of Utah who stated he had the ‘world’s oldest’ burger from 1999 that looked like it was fresh off the grill. He reportedly lost the ‘antique sandwich’ for 14 years until finding it in his coat pocket.

McDonald’s says its burgers last so long because of a ‘dry environment’ inhibiting the growth of mold and bacteria but critics believe it is due to preservatives and artificial ingredients that are typically not found in home cooked burgers and other foods.

Dean says that rats have gotten close to the burger but refused to eat it.

“The rats had actually eaten through the plastic bag, heaps of clothes, got into the box and they’d left the burger,” he said.


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