Environmental group petitions FDA for ban on chemical found in one specific type of coffee

Decaf coffee benefits.


Decaf coffee is seen as a healthier choice for millions of people who are sensitive to the potential downsides of caffeine, but decaf coffee has a dirty little secret most people are not aware of in today’s day and age.

Decaf coffee is coffee that has been stripped of its caffeine in one of four major ways, and one of them involves two different chemicals that could cause negative health effects — these chemicals are found in many decaf coffee brands. One particular chemical has been the subject of an investigation for the purpose of a possible federal ban.

Chemical found in beer, coffee linked to serious health risks 

In January 2023 the advocacy group Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) announced it had petitioned the FDA to ban ‘four cancer-causing chemicals’ allowed in products like decaffeinated coffee and beer.

The main target is methylene chloride, which is still being used in common brands of decaf coffee and can be ‘harmful for pregnant women and patients with heart issues’ according to the website Inside Health Policy

“It should be concerning to everyone that pregnant women and those with health issues (may be at risk),” the website added.

Decaf coffee is typically made from ‘hard beans that are warmed and soaked in liquid to dissolve and remove the caffeine’ according to the National Coffee Association

The main ways decaf is produced include the following:

-Using water alone

-Using a mixture of solvents (most commonly methylene chloride or ethyl acetate)

-Using  water and “supercritical carbon dioxide”



News Report Exposes  Decaf Coffee Concerns 

A news report from the Washington, D.C. based WUSA9 station exposed how decaf coffee is made, as well as the science behind proposed bans on certain processing techniques.

An investigation into decaf coffee chemicals processing concerns was shared along with research from Consumer Reports, FDA and EPA.


Should You Drink Decaf Coffee? 

Decaf coffee provides many of the same health benefits as regular coffee including support for liver health, improved focus and reaction times, support for heart health, protection against Type 2 Diabetes and more.

If you’re thinking about purchasing decaf coffee, opt for organic and mold-free coffee like this one from Paleo Valley.

Paleo Valley makes both organic and pasture-raised health products that are as good for you as they are for the environment, which is why I consider them my new favorite health company.

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This is the coffee I now keep in my kitchen pantry because it’s not only organic, mold-free and tested for purity, it also is made by the one company I trust more than any other for purity and potency of its health products.

To your best health,

Nicholas J. Meyer

AltHealthWorks Founder

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