Ancient Japanese Technique to Resolve Stress Takes Less than 5 Minutes

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The world of holistic health is a complicated one, but that’s exactly what makes it so powerful: there is seemingly an answer to every health problem out there, no matter how serious or how mild, and consistency is what can turn a struggling human being into a healthy one with careful practice.

One of the most difficult challenges everyone faces on a daily basis is the stress response, and it can become overwhelming when financial problems, problems in the world, or problems in your personal life creep in, especially when there seems to be no logical explanation for how to resolve them.

Thankfully, there are many natural ways to relieve stress according to ancient and traditional healing texts from the Far East and they don’t require a total body commitment like yoga or exercise.



Fingers and Emotions: A Japanese Perspective 

One of the most interesting healing techniques I recently came across involves the gripping of each of the five fingers of the hand, each of which is said to correspond to different emotions.

Gripping each finger fully with your opposite hand can help to soothe and calm you in times of great emotional stress.

According to traditional Japanese healers, the following fingers correspond to different emotions in the human body:



Thumb: Anxiety and worry

Index: Fear

Middle: Anger and resentment

Ring: Depression and sadness; also responsible for making you more decisive

Pinky: Calmness and anxiety, soothing it increases optimism and confidence. This finger is said to represent self-esteem.

How to Heal Your Emotions Through the Fingers: An Ancient Japanese Technique


The technique is an easy one that can be done in just 5-10 minutes per day.

The process is simple:


1. Set your dominant hand, whichever one you more of an energetic “charge” on, on the table.

2. Grip one of the five fingers mentioned above with your opposite hand, and hold for 1-2 minutes each.

3. Repeat the process for each finger on the hand if necessary, for a total “reset” of your mind and emotional state.


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Give it a try, and let us know what you think of this simple yet powerful exercise:

This article is not intended to treat, prevent or diagnose any disease. See our full disclaimer here.

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