Woman Uses “Unconventional” Diet to Transform Her Health After Four Years in a Wheelchair


Julie Morin cipro poisoning

Julie Morin was forced to use a wheelchair for four years after she says she was poisoned by a commonly prescribed antibiotic drug.



As the world turns to allopathic treatments for most illnesses, naturopathic practitioners have been relegated to the sidelines.

Statistics show that there are very few naturopathic and holistic doctors currently practicing, despite the promise their methods have shown.

According to the American Association of Medical Colleges, there were 938,966 registered physicians practicing in 2019.

The Association does not list naturopathic doctors among its totals, but the number is remarkably small in comparison.

In February 2018, the Institute for Natural Medicine reported that there were only 6,000 licensed naturopathic doctors in the United States.

Proponents of naturopathic and holistic medicine say that it can help heal people where modern allopathic medicine has failed, and in many cases caused harm to its patients.

One patient who saw both sides of the coin first-hand is Julie Morin, who says she was poisoned by one of the most dangerous antibiotics on the market, and healed under the supervision of a well known naturopathic doctor and author.

It all started with an alarming health decline in 2015 that led to her spending four years in a wheelchair, and ended with her discovering more about her own personal strength, and healing potential, than she ever thought possible.


“The Hardest Part Was Not Knowing What Was Wrong With My Body”

In 2015, a healthy 25-year-old Julie Morin needed help for her UTI (urinary tract infection), and took an oft-prescribed antibiotic called ciprofloxacin (aka cipro) in an effort to solve the condition.

Two weeks later, Morin felt the onset of sudden leg cramps during a yoga session, and found herself in excruciating pain.

She couldn’t walk anymore, and had to spend two weeks in the hospital, all after taking a drug that is prescribed roughly six million times each year and was the subject of a stern FDA warning critics said was issued far too late to save many patients from cases of catastrophic harm.

Morin spent two weeks in the hospital, adding that she suffered from “hallucinations, cognitive impairments, and ‘extreme leg weakness’ that made walking very difficult.”

From that point on, Julie’s health went downhill fast.

“The hardest part was not knowing what was wrong with my body, and being let down by doctors and people around me,” she said.

“Doctors told me my symptoms (were) in my head, so I spent two years visiting a psychology center.”

“My health didn’t improve, so I continued looking for answers.”


Morin’s Diagnosis Leads to Steroids, a Host of Questions, and Still More Trying Times

In 2017, Julie was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS, also called ME) in Amsterdam.

Doctors were puzzled as to why her symptoms were happening, and where her disease came from in this case as well.

Continuing a troubled path familiar to millions, Morin ended up in Belgium and received yet another diagnosis; this time she was diagnosed with chronic Lyme Disease.

Immediately, she was placed on additional antibiotics along with steroids.

The decline hit Morin hard, pushing her health the brink and robbing her of the ability to complete basic daily tasks.

“My health deteriorates at a rapid rate,” she wrote about her condition at the time.

“I am at my worst, incapable to tolerate any stimulus, unable to walk, unable to shower, unable to brush my own teeth.”


Making the Toughest, and Most Important, Decision of Her Life

Despite the suffering, Morin kept a positive outlook, and learned a lot about herself during those years, she said.

Her growing self-awareness and mental healing led her down a new path of healing and self-actualization.

“It’s in these moments that you find a strength in you that you didn’t know existed,” she said.

“You find the real you, your real friends, and you realize that this experience could very well be a blessing in the end for all the life lessons it’s teaching you.”

From 2018-2020, Morin made the decision to stop her treatment and “let (her) body heal naturally, without any more chemicals.”

Morin’s path led her to Medical Medium and Dr. Robert Morse, whose protocols involve detoxifying and switching to a regenerative plant-based diet, which he detailed in his book ‘The Detox Miracle Sourcebook: Raw Foods and Herbs for Complete Cellular Regeneration.’

Dr. Morse’s program, detailed in his book, includes comprehensive charts and tables with information on vitamins, major minerals, trace minerals, cell salts, herbs, fruits and vegetables, essential oils, and phytochemicals.

“You don’t have to accept the ‘death sentence’ offered by other medical systems,” Dr. Morse, who has a clinic in Florida, has told thousands of patients over the years.

dr. robert morse cipro poisoning

Morse also walks readers and patients through the symptoms and side effects they might experience over the course of his natural healing and detoxification protocols (from the mild to the extreme), which occur during the releasing of toxins from the body.

Morin combined Dr. Morse’s diet with meditation to clear her head of anxiety and stress about the future as much as possible, and from there the real healing began.

By 2020, Morin had made considerable progress and ditched the wheelchair for the first time in four years, able to walk small distances without getting tired.

She began to suspect that she did not have Lyme Disease at all, but instead was poisoned by an antibiotic drug that was designed to make her well.

Did Julie Have Lyme Disease…Or Just Cipro Poisoning?

After a long, arduous struggle, Julie met with a French naturopath, when she says she finally found the answer she had been looking for in regards to her questionable diagnoses.

“I finally have the answer I had been looking for,” she said.

“I discover(ed) that I never had Lyme Disease.

“What plagued me for all these years was fluoroquinolone poisoning from ciprofloxacin I had taken in 2015.”

Now Healed, Julie Shares Her Passion for Healing with the World

Julie Morin

Now healed and walking again, Morin has taken it upon herself to share her love of positivity and natural healing with the world through Envol, an app that “combines conventional medicine and holistic healing” to help improve health and recovery, as well as her website JuliesHealing.com, where she lists her favorite holistic protocols for maintaining excellent health.

The app incorporates healthy food, nature, meditation, therapeutic movement, rest and gratitude.



Julie Shared the Following Five Things She Wishes People Knew About Those With Physical Limitations in an article posted to Medium.com:

1. Illness isn’t always visible. It is always good to be careful with assumptions and assume someone is doing well just because they don’t look sick.

2. Dare to talk about it. Avoiding difficult topics because they might be awkward can make a person dealing with chronic illness feel even more lonely and not heard.

3. Showing empathy and understanding is always a good idea to help someone feel acknowledged in their everyday struggles.

4. Avoid making someone feel ‘lucky’ because they cannot work. Not being able to work is not a privilege, it’s a consequence of chronic illness.

5. People with physical limitations are reminded everyday of how different life is for them. Be that person who finds and enhances similarities and connections, making them feel that they belong to the same group as healthy and capable people.


In the same article, Julie also shared her favorite life lesson quote, which her and her husband Tim learned to embrace during difficult times:

“Happiness = reality — expectations.”

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