The Tiny Mineral That Detoxifies Pollutants, Heavy Metals, and Plastic From the Human Bloodstream For Removal By the Kidneys



Minerals are essential for a healthy body.

They are 100% necessary for the proper functioning of your bones, heart, muscles, and brain.

More specifically, they are essential for making enzymes and hormones.

Some minerals, such as Zeolite, are excellent for detoxifying the body as well.

Its unique, “cage-like” structure allows it to remove harmful particles from the bloodstream in ways that researchers are just now beginning to understand.

How Zeolite is Formed


volcanic mineral

Zeolite is formed through natural processes and assists the kidney in removing some of the most harmful, microscopic toxins.

According to an April 2019 study published in the journal ‘Molecules,’ Zeolite has a “high absorbency and ion-exchange capacity.”

It binds to and helps remove toxins in the body that could damage your internal organs or cause health problems.

At the microscopic level, Zeolite is comprised of a “dense network” of silicates and other minerals that capture dangerous particles before they are able to harm your body from the inside-out.

This mineral is used for the following purposes: 

-Is used in high-tech medical devices

-Binds to chemicals because of its strong negatively charged ions

-Helps to safely eliminate pesticides like glyphosate from the body

-Counteracts the effects of nitrates found in processed meat products

-Removes potentially dangerous heavy metals such as cadmium, aluminum, and tin

-Removes lead and mercury from the bloodstream

More can be found in the study ‘Zeolite Clinoptilolite: Therapeutic Virtues of an Ancient Mineral’

Toxins trapped by Zeolite are typically removed from the body by your kidneys within 6 to 8 hours.


Zeolite’s unique cage-like structure

Where to Find Zeolite Supplements 


Zeolite has been used as a folk remedy for nearly 1,000 years in traditional medicinal practices.

My personal favorite Zeolite is called Pure Body Extra product from Touchstone Essentials, which can be found by clicking here or on the picture below.

pure body extra


If you’re looking for a Zeolite with additional organic, biodynamic herbs, try this one from the company Omica Organics.

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