A Breakup at 15 Triggered Her Eczema: 20 Years Later, She’s Helping Others Heal Their Skin Naturally


Atopic dermatitis, also known as eczema, affects 31 million Americans nationwide and causes conditions including itchy, red and dry skin.

For one woman named Abby Tai, her ezcema struggles manifested themselves in what she described to the website My Medicine Cabinet as a ‘severe, unbearable itch.’

Tai’s eczema first happened as the result of an ’emotional breakup,’ she said according to the website Self.com. As a Canadian teenager living in Hong Kong with her parents, the emotional, mental and physical symptoms of her relationship breakup led to extreme health challenges and eczema all over her face and body.

Now in her mid-30s, Tai has founded a community of supporters who are enthusiastic about healing their skin in myriad and a times unorthodox ways.

Eczema is a challenging condition that often starts in the early years of a person’s life. For Abby, it first occurred when at ‘about 15 years old,’ according to an interview with People Magazine in January 2024.

Like several other skin conditions, eczema is a challenging health condition that often takes a multi-faceted approach to heal and cure in the long run.

Recently, Ms. Tai shared her top ten healing secrets for eczema that fall under the category of natural and holistic health.


These Things Helped Abby Heal Her Skin

Abby Tai prior to healing her eczema naturally.

Abby Tai prior to healing her eczema.


The first natural remedy Abby began to apply was shea butter.

Shea butter is often found in natural and organic eczema remedies and is a powerful healing agent when applied to the skin.

“It’s nourishing and clean enough that I can put it on my skin and it doesn’t react,” Tai said. “It really helps seal in the moisture.”

Abby also recommends Epsom salt baths for relaxation and moisturizing the skin.

She adds apple cider vinegar and natural vitamin C to the bath to counteract any chemicals in the water (this shower filter removes chlorine and other chemicals).

Tai spoke out about her healing journey in the 44-minute video below on the causes of eczema and how to heal from it in a holistic minded manner.


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Tai also recommends spraying your skin with a diluted Apple Cider Vinegar solution.

Apple cider vinegar can balance skin pH, exfoliate the skin, and reduce hyperpigmentation. It stimulates circulation and is a great choice for skin health according to the University of Nebraska Department of Medicine’s Health Center.

An oral probiotic is typically a big part of Tai’s at-home medicine cabinet. She takes a probiotic for its gut health benefits. The right probiotic fosters an environment for ‘good bacteria’ to thrive while ‘bad bacteria’ can be safely eliminated with natural medicines and healthy foods.

An oral Vitamin D supplement is also important for best health outcomes, Abby added.

Last but not least, Abby recommends using a cold compress for times when her skin feels like it is itching and burning.

See Abby’s full list of eczema remedies here.

Exercise tips are also included on her list of remedies.


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