“There are Others Out There Who Care:” Actress Jamie Lee Curtis Celebrates 25 Years of Sobriety

Jamie Lee Curtis is sharing her story on Instagram with fans about drinking and sobriety.


Famous actress Jamie Lee Curtis won an Oscar for ‘Best Supporting Actress’ for her role in the movie ‘Everything Everywehre All at Once,’ and is perhaps best known for her roles in films including ‘A Fish Called Wanda,’ ‘True Lies’ and ‘Blue Steel.’

Recently, Jamie took to Instagram for the purposes of sharing an update on her journey to and through sobriety with a post commemorating a key anniversary.

“Twenty five years clean and sober,” Lee Curtis said. “One day at a time. 9,125 of them,” she added.

“What’s inside, as my old friend Adam sang, is a sense of calm, serenity, purpose, and the greatest feeling that I am not alone. That many others share the same disease and solution.”

Lee Curtis previously admitted she was addicted to painkillers at the age of 35 following her decision to undergo cosmetic surgery, according to CasaRecovery.com.


Lee Curtis Celebrates With Custom Ring 

The actress had a ring custom made with the inscription ‘JLCTWENTYFIVE’ on it, which she is seen holding up in the picture above.

“For those struggling with addiction and shame, there are others out here who care,” she added according to People Magazine.

“My hand in yours. Our hands in yours. XO JLC.”





Last summer, spoke about her troubles with addiction on the show Morning Joe. 

“I’m lucky,” she said. “I didn’t make terrible decisions high or under the influence that then, for the rest of my life, I regret,” she said.

“There are women in prison whose lives have been shattered by drugs and alcohol, not because they were violent felons, not because they were horrible people, but because they were addicts.

“I’m incredibly lucky that wasn’t my path,” Curtis added.


Fans React to Curtis’s Milestone 

Fans reacted to Curtis’s milestone on her Instagram page with words of encouragement.

“Congrats! Not there yet! But holding strong for five years now!” one reader said on the social media platform.

“I’m 38 days sober from alcohol. It’s giving me a clarity I didn’t know was missing,” another Instagram follower added.

Another took the time out to share that the actress’ milestone had inspired her tremendously.

“You are inspiring in so many ways, Jamie,” they wrote. “Thank you for the gift of sharing your well-earned 25 chip.”




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