The Most Toxic American Cereal You Should Never Feed Your Kids

Cap'n Crunch has a big problem with its ingredients according to the Environmental Working Group (EWG).


The world of breakfast cereals is a complicated one in the year 2024, especially in the United States where ingredients that are banned in dozens of other countries worldwide are allowed in children’s breakfast cereals.

Recently the Environmental Working Group decided to put popular breakfast cereals for kids to the test.

They compiled several different scores with rankings based on ‘nutritional concern,’ ‘ingredient concern’ and ‘processing concern,’ ranking several of the most popular cereal brands.

At the end of their quest one breakfast cereal consumed often by kids was found to stand out above the rest, and not in a good way, mind you.

The results were published on the EWG’s website and the final results showed one breakfast cereal that parents and children alike should do their best to avoid.


Cap’n Crunch Sweetened Corn & Oat Cereal Gets All-Time Worst Score 

Several varieties of the sweetened corn and oat cereals from Cap’n Crunch, a company owned by PepsiCo, were given scores from 1 to 10 by the environmental and health focused organization.

The Halloween and Christmas special edition cereals were among those scoring a ’10,’ which is considered the worst possible score for any food rated by the EWG.

The Cap’n Crunch Sweetened Corn & Oat Cereal also got a worst-on-site score of ’10’ because of major concerns with its heavily processed ingredients.


Here’s what the researchers found: 

-Cap’n Crunch is not certified organic (a detail that is obvious but important because it foreshadows the toxic ingredients contained in this cereal)

-This cereal contains three of EWG’s highest-concern artificial food colorings including BHT, Yellow 5 and Yellow 6

-Contains 119% more sugar than the average cold cereal rated by the EWG

-Contains corn flour and sugar, at-risk for GMO ingredients

Full ingredients, nutrition information and ratings can be found here.


Healthier Cereal Options also Rated by EWG

Several organic, healthier options were given the best possible score by EWG, including selections from Wegman’s, Farm to Table Foods, Kashi Organic, and Ezekiel Organic cereal brands.

Learn more here.




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