Consumer Reports Scientist Warns: GMO Companies Are Using New Technology to Create Hidden, Unlabeled GMOs

Michael Hansen, Senior Staff Scientist for Consumer Reports.


Consumer Reports, also known as Consumers Union, is an independent, non-profit organization best known for its product reviews.

In recent years, the organization has branched out into the world of natural and holistic health, warning consumers about issues such as heavy metals and other contaminants in food, as well as how to recognize and avoid genetically modified food.

Recently, one of the organization’s most well known voices, Senior Staff Scientist Michael Hansen, took to the Web to share his concerns about a new generation of science experiments that are working their way into countless aspects of our society ranging from infancy to adulthood.

This new class of foods, baby formula, and even coffee and beer has one thing in common from product-to-product: each one is made using a type of technology that is actually made from genetically modified ingredients — a glaring, unlabeled and deliberate omission these companies do not want you to know about.

‘Companies Call Them Something Else, But These Foods are Just GMOs’


Hansen was quoted in a recent post from fellow non-profit GMO Free USA on its Facebook page.

In the post, Hansen educates consumers and non-GMO advocates on the dangers of “fermentation technology,” a term that he believes is being used to fool consumers into buying something potentially dangerous.

GMO Free USA has dubbed the new technology GMO 2.0, and it oftentimes involves “brewing” everyday foods in giant vats of genetically modified yeast, as was the case with the once-popular Impossible Burger.

“Companies call these things ‘synthetic biology’ and ‘fermentation technology,’ but these foods are all just GMOs,” Hansen said.

“They are using terms people do not understand, so that people will not recognize these are GMO ingredients.”




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Here is how this ‘GMO 2.0’ process works, according to GMO Free USA. “Simply explained, an organism, such as yeast, is genetically engineered to poop out a substance that resembles something humans regularly consume,” the organization wrote.

GMO yeast. Photo via

“For example, ‘dairy without the cow’ is created in a lab using synthetic biology. The biotech companies creating this fake food will tell you it’s exactly the same as dairy from a cow.

“Yet they hold a patent on the substance because it’s unique and different.”

The organization added that much of the funding for this new GMO technology is coming from top dollar investors like Bill Gates and others.


New GMOs and Synthetic Foods on the Horizon to Avoid

Some of the key GMOs to watch out for in the near future include the following:

-‘MilQ,’ a form of synthetic breast milk funded by Gates and others

-Synthetic coffee

-Synthetic beer

-Synthetic chocolate

-GMO ice cream, which is unlabeled and being sold now at health food stores (learn more here)

-Cow-free dairy milk made from GMO yeast and synthetic 3D printed milk proteins (learn more here)

-Lab-grown chicken nuggets made from feathers (learn more here)


How to Avoid These Foods

The best way to avoid these foods is to buy organic and non-GMO whenever possible.

Look for the USDA Organic symbol while shopping, and avoid these types of produce or buy them organic whenever possible (read our list: the top seven hidden GMO foods to know and avoid).

I personally do most of my shopping at health food stores, and always shop on the perimeter of the grocery store to avoid the less healthy, synthetic and GMO-laced foods.


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