Unlabeled Ice Cream Made From GMO Yeast and 3D Printed Milk Proteins Being Sold in Health Food Stores, Gourmet Food Section

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Marketing is a funny thing.

It can take a product or a food item that nobody would want otherwise, and turn it into something that sounds palatable, beneficial, or even “healthy.”

In the world of ice cream, flavors are king.

Chocolate chip, double chocolate brownie, strawberry cheesecake, butter pecan, mint chocolate chip — these are just a few of the flavors that we know and recognize all too well.

The company Brave Robot is located in Los Angeles, California, and prides itself on being a futuristic type of ice cream that is helping to save the planet by taking the cow out of the equation.

But what the company is putting back in is far from healthy, critics say, and just part of the reason why organic food advocates are sounding the alarm about a product that appears to be deliberately hiding the truth from its customers.

What is in Brave Robot, Exactly? 


brave robot gmo

One thing’s for sure about this company — its marketing and distribution team did an incredible job of getting into markets where it has no business.

Chief among them are the gourmet food sections of grocery stores everywhere, and even health food stores, where I spotted one recently.

The company prides itself on being “cow-free and animal-free,” and better for the planet.

But what they fail to mention with any sort of consistency is what the product is actually made of to achieve those ends: a genetically modified milk substitute made from 3D printed milk proteins and GMO yeast. 

To the unsuspecting customer, this product appears as if it might be some sort of vegan health food.

Unfortunately for those who don’t read the fine print, it’s actually made from something that hasn’t been tested for long term human safety, and has been greenlighted by the FDA regardless of this fact.



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Why This is Such a Big Deal 

pandya and gandhi

Perfect Day’s founders Ryan Pandya and Perumal Gandhi, at work in the lab making ‘Perfect Day’ GMO milk.


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again — these experimental GMO food products haven’t been labeled because of mass opposition by pro-GMO companies like Monsanto, Pepsi-Cola, and others.

These pro-GMO organizations were recently fined $18.6 million dollars by Washington state’s attorney general, who spent seven years building a case against them in a widespread money laundering scheme, all over their refusal to put plain text GMO labels on their products. 

In other words, most consumers likely have no idea that Brave Robot ice cream is made from GMO, 3D printed milk proteins and GMO yeast.

If you see it in your local health food store or the gourmet foods section of your favorite grocer, be forewarned — this product may not be as innocent as its marketing campaigns make it out to be after all.

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