Doctors Warn: Potential Long Term Side Effects of Mask Wearing Include Shortness of Breath, a Weakened Immune System and Chronic Respiratory Conditions



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This article uses information and quotes from a similar article originally published by Microsoft News (MSN). The MSN article was subsequently removed in recent weeks as more and more states began mandating mask wearing for “essential workers” and people working, shopping, eating and playing in everyday situations across the country. The goal of this article is to present a different perspective than what is typically shown in the mainstream media, highlighting information from health professionals and research. Consult a doctor before making any major changes to your health routine. 

The “new normal” following the coronavirus situation that has unfolded includes a host of changes to society as we know it, as governmental organizations and leaders seek to provide some measure of uniform guidance on how to respond.

While there have been virtually no recommendations on nutrition, healthy lifestyle, or similar tried-and-true strategies, the refrain of hand-washing, mask wearing and the intimation that “society must wait for a vaccine in order to resume normal life” (one that Bill Gates stated could harm at least 700,000 people; watch the CNBC video at the 3:00 mark to see why he says he needs legal protection from countries to roll out these fast-tracked vaccines) has been repeated often.

Recently, the focused has shifted to masks: are they really the key to keeping the coronavirus at bay, or are they not as necessary as some state and local governments are making them out to be?

Adding to the confusion, the WHO has said that masks should only be worn by healthy people when taking care of people suffering from coronavirus symptoms (which are similar to many other diseases anyway), not when out in public.

The CDC has recommended wearing the masks whenever possible, however.

Both organizations have received funding from the Gates Foundation and the Bill Gates funded vaccination organization GAVI, which is closely tied to groups funding vaccines as the ultimate solution to the pandemic, despite top U.S. infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci’s recent admission to Congress that there is “no guarantee that the vaccine is actually going to be effective” and that it may actually make the course of the disease even stronger (full CNBC article here).

While it is common sense that a mask may prevent the transmission of germs and viruses, it is also well worth knowing the potential side effects of wearing them for long hours as well.




Potential Side Effects of Long Term Mask Wearing

The potential side effects include the following according to several doctors quoted by

1. Shortness of Breath and Lightheadedness:

According to Dr. Lili Barsky, any activities that result in the expulsion of air, such as talking, singing and exercising can result “in the accumulation of carbon dioxide between the face and the mask.”

The symptoms are seen due to increases in CO2 levels in the body according to Dr. Rashmi Byakodi as mentioned in the MSN article.

“Breathing over exhaled air that turns into carbon dioxide might make you feel dizzy.”

The good news is that going outside and getting fresh air without a mask is always an option to aid in healing.

2. Headaches:

According to Dr. Byakodi, long term wearing of masks can result in prolonged, repeated episodes of headaches.

“Headaches may occur due to the band fitting around the head all day, stress from breathing through the mask, or slight changes in oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in the blood,” Dr. Leann Poston added according to the article.

3. Dermatitis:

Some people’s skin may break out, and scarring around the area where the mask is worn may result in some cases.

4. A Weakened Immune System:

Perhaps the most troubling of all symptoms on the list of doctor warnings, the immune system can be greatly weakened by low oxygen levels in the tissues as noted by Dr. Esteban Kosak in the article.

“Scientific investigations have proven that a prolonged denial of enough oxygen in the body can cripple the ability of our immune system to tackle infections which is even worse with older and younger people,” he said.

Recently a video went viral in Australia demonstrating additional pitfalls of cloth masks for protecting people, and why they may not be as effective as originally thought.





5. Development of Skin Wrinkles:

According to leading dermatologist Dr. Viseslav Tonkovic-Capin, “new patterns of skin wrinkling” may emerge in people who wear masks long-term.

6. Chronic Respiratory Conditions:

It may sound too bizarre to be true, but long-term wearing of face masks may actually trigger symptoms similar to the disease caused by coronavirus, COVID-19, in their own way.

These masks also must be cleaned and disinfected often because bacteria can build up over long-term use.

“Essential workers” and others who wear masks all day long on the job could be exposing themselves to inflammatory and other potential disease-causing particles, potentially leading to the development of serious respiratory issues.

“In the case of the surgical masks which are made of nonwoven fabric, the exposure for some people can trigger an asthma-like inflammatory response in the lungs,” said Dr. Sanul Corrielus, a Philadelphia based cardiologist.

“This is likely due to the inhalation of the microfibers in the material that forms the masks.”


New Jersey Man Crashes Car Into a Pole, Excessive Mask Wearing Believed to Be a Factor

car coronavirus mask crash Photo via Lincoln Park Police Department.


This past April, a Lincoln Park, New Jersey man passed out and crashed his car into a pole. His long-term wearing of an N95 mask was believed to be a contributing factor to him losing consciousness according to police, as reported by ABC News.

“The crash is believed to have resulted from the driver wearing an N95 mask for several hours and subsequently passing out behind the wheel due to insufficient oxygen intake/excessive carbon dioxide intake,” a post from the Lincoln Park Police Department on Facebook read.

An updated post clarified that while those on the scene are not physicians, they did know that he had been wearing the mask inside his vehicle for several hours.

“As it relates to this specific incident, we reiterate that police officers are not physicians and do not know the medical history of every person we encounter… It was stated in the original post that we ‘believed’ the excessive wearing of an N95 mask was a contributing factor to this accident. While we don’t know this with 100% certainty, we do know that the driver had been wearing an N95 mask inside the vehicle for several hours and ultimately passed out while operating the vehicle.”


Final Thoughts on Mask Recommendations and the “New Normal” 

While many experts continue to recommend or even mandate wearing masks to protect against the virus, wearing masks for too long comes with its own set of risks, as do lockdowns, and even vaccines, as Gates admitted to CNBC recently noting that he would need legal protection for compensating the hundreds of thousands of people who may be harmed (see CNBC video here).

Regardless of whether or not you think masks are necessary, everybody deserves to know the risks now, rather than five, ten, or fifteen years later as is often the case with so many medical and pharmaceutical-based products.

This article does not constitute medical advice. Consult a licensed naturopathic doctor, national and local laws before making any major changes.

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