Drink Clove Water for a Whole Month (and These Five Things Happen)

Clove water has many benefits including disease protection, support for hair growth, inner healing and much more.


Cloves are one of the highest antioxidant herbs or spices on Earth, and their health benefits have become more well known in recent years.

Cloves themselves look like tiny ‘jacks,’ the metal toys that are usually introduced to kids in their youngest days.

Using clove in one specific way has been shown to nullify the pain of toothaches in seconds, including the worst ones. Cloves are often consumed in tea form. They’re also found online in as whole cloves.

One of the best ways to get the health benefits of cloves in your life is to drink clove water. It’s similar to tea and a healthy and surprising way to enjoy the taste and benefits of this unique spice.

Health Benefits of Cloves 

I personally have eaten cloves whole, added it to my cooking and used it in an essential oil.

Several years ago when I got a really bad toothache, I decided to add clove oil to a cotton ball and swab it on the inside of my mouth.

The numbing effect that resulted was something indescribable. Where all other substances failed, the clove oil worked incredibly well, and fast.

The benefits of cloves include the following: 

-High in antioxidants: Some antioxidant measuring systems have clove listed as number one in terms of most antioxidants. Antioxidants are substances in the body that are typically found in fruits, vegetables, roots and herbs. They help to “scavenge” free radicals that would otherwise cause deterioration.

Antioxidants form a protective barrier around your cells, protecting them from harm. That makes cloves priceless and invaluable in terms of the benefits they provide.

Different spices, herbs, fruits and vegetables provide different types of antioxidants, though: something to keep in mind while shopping both online and in health food and other stores.

Drink clove water for a month and you will fortify your immune system in a profound way.


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-Kills Bacteria: Clove oil kills potentially harmful bacteria in the mouth. It’s no wonder it worked so well for my toothache, as I later found out I had a bacterial infection.

Applying clove oil directly to unhealthy areas of your mouth is a great way to purify and cleanse it fast. It can also be added to coconut oil based oil pulling mixture for added dental health benefits (this is my new favorite coconut oil).

Drink clove water for a month and your mouth will be clean and fresh.

-Improves Liver Health: The liver is tied to the emotions of anger and frustration. Add clove water to your daily routine, whole cloves, or clove essential oil to heal the liver.

Drink clove water for a month and feel these emotions subside.

-May Promote Bone Health: The body contains 206 bones. Each one needs a specific nutrients to become and stay healthy. Clove oil has been linked to better bone health because of the compounds it contains.

Drink clove water for a month to restore vitality in your body.

-Improves Digestive Health: Chewing on cloves is great for digestive health as is drinking clove water. When you chew on a handful of cloves, your mouth begins to produce digestive enzymes. This helps your saliva to efficiently break down compounds like protein, carbohydrates, fats, and more after you consume food.

Drink clove water for a month to improve digestive health.


How to Make Clove Water 

The recipe for clove water is simple. It includes cloves and optional citrus fruit essence along with optional sweetener.

Learn more about benefits how to make clove water in the video below:

Thanks for reading!

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Nick Meyer

AltHealthWorks.com Founder

Nick Meyer AltHealthWorks.com

P.S. Chewing on cloves is a great way to improve your health fast.

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