Famous Orange Juice Brand Simply Orange Hit With Class Action Lawsuit Over Allegations of Toxic Chemical Contamination

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The Simply Orange brand rose to prominence in large part because of its image as a healthier choice.

With the words ‘Simply Orange’ screenprinted and stickered on the front of the bottle, consumers thought they were getting the most natural, healthy and “simple” choice.

Unfortunately for the brand, and its parent company Coca Cola, that image is taking a hit nationwide, due to the announcement of a class action lawsuit against it.

The lawsuit was revealed in a recent series of national articles, and it’s focused on what its filers have called “false advertising” over the bottle’s claims of “all natural ingredients.”


According to a report from the non-profit GMO Free USA, Simply Orange might be “less simple” than they let on.

The newly filed complaint alleges the product contains “dangerously high levels of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS),” or toxic chemicals that have been tied to “a bevy of health issues,” the non-profit said, citing an article from MSN.com.

The bottles may show messages such as “all natural ingredients,” “simply natural,” “filtered water,” and “nothing to hide.”

This is problematic according to the GMO Free USA Facebook page.

“It’s implying that the product doesn’t contain man-made toxic chemicals and that the company filters out any toxins,” the said.

“While the lawsuit does not disclose the levels detected, it does say that they are ‘hundreds of times’ over the federal limit.

“Just AWFUL,” the page continued. “What brand of OJ do YOU drink? Uncle Matt’s Organic is OUR trusted source.”


This Isn’t the First Time OJ Companies Have Been Called Out

A few years back, many other “natural” brands of orange juice were also called out for allegedly having high levels of the Monsanto chemical glyphosate, according to lab tests from the grassroots non-profit Moms Across America.

The brands found to have high levels were:

  1. Tropicana
  2. Minute Maid
  3. Slater Bros.
  4. Signature Farms (Sold at Safeway)
  5. Kirkland

For these and other reasons, it is recommended to buy organic from companies like Uncle Matt’s Organic, or to make your own organic or ‘Simply Orange’ juice at home using a juicer like this one.

More information on glyphosate levels in popular orange juice brands can be found by clicking on this article.



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