Five Foods, Supplements or Drinks to Take After Overeating Way Too Much



The healthy and organic food movement is taking off, but the truth is, nobody’s perfect and we’re all prone to our own personal overeating streaks. 

There’s an emotional component to eating that’s rarely discussed, for one thing. 

Social eating is also a big factor – after all, who can resist great company and amazing food, especially when some people simply won’t take “no” for answer? 

Overeating is what it is, but the good news is that there are plenty of things you can do to lessen the blow and bring your body back into a healthy state afterward. 

The following are five things you can do to mitigate the damage caused by overeating, or eating a few too many less-than-ideal foods:



1. Take Digestive Enzymes Each body carries with it an “enzyme bank” of different substances that help break down various types of food.

One way to support your body’s ability to break down unhealthy foods is to take a digestive enzyme supplement either before or after your meals.

Different supplements work better to break down different types of foods so be sure to buy a non-GMO and/or organic one that offers a wide range of enzymes.

2. Drink Pure Water- While some nutrition experts recommend that you not drink water during a meal, especially cold water, consuming water before or after a meal can oftentimes be beneficial for digestion, especially if it’s warm water.

Drinking warm water (including in a tea) helps to tighten the intestines to aid elimination. Wait at least 20 minutes after a meal and then listen to your body to see if it may be craving more water before deciding how much to drink.

3. Take Some Cinnamon- A little bit of cinnamon added to warm water can help to keep blood glucose levels from skyrocketing too high, according to recent research.

tea 2

Cinnamon can help keep blood sugar levels in check when taken after a meal. 

That makes cinnamon (of the Ceylon variety preferably) the perfect spice to take after having one too many desserts.

4. Eat Enzyme-Rich Fruits- Two of the best fruits for digestion are papaya and pineapple, which contain high levels of digestive enzymes.

Simply switching in one of these two fruits (opt for organic when possible since pineapples from Costa Rica and papayas from Hawaii could be GMO) in place of a traditional dessert can make a huge difference after having a big meal.

5. Herbal Teas- There are plenty of teas that aid in digestion, with even green tea helping by increasing the activity of pepsin, an enzyme that breaks down proteins.



Some of the best herbal teas to try that aid digestion also include peppermint (helps with IBS symptoms), ginger (helps with nausea and preventing gas) and lemon balm, which calms the digestive system.

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