GMO Industry Infiltrating Children’s Textbooks? See the Photo Here and Decide

It’s no secret that the biotechnology industry will go to any length to perpetuate the myth that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are the “answer to world hunger” even as several studies including one from the United Nations say otherwise, but now things are getting really serious.

The industry seems to be targeting the next generation to ensure that its GMOs will continue to spread as evidenced by a recent picture from an 8th grade textbook posted by activist Rachel Pachivas and the Occupy Food Facebook page.

The GMO mega-corporation Monsanto has previously attempted to indoctrinate kids with pro-GMO propaganda in an infamous coloring book, and now an 8th grade textbook seems to have all the hallmarks of the industry’s talking points.

While titled “The Pros and Cons of Genetically Modified Foods,” the picture below seems to indicate that the “Pros” are far more prominent in this writing exercise for kids.

A picture of a pro-GMO textbook exercise from the company Evan-Moor.

A picture of a pro-GMO textbook exercise from the company Evan-Moor. Image from Rachel Pachivas.

The above page is a screen capture from an ebook version of a textbook (it has the same content as the physical book) provided by the company Evan-Moor, which can be found on their website. Skip ahead to page 20 of the book to see the page above.

Parents, Activists Must Keep a Watchful Eye on Pro-GMO Textbooks

As the old saying goes, “History is Written by the Victors,” and that’s exactly what biotech companies are trying to do right now by buying off educational apparatuses (even the St. Louis Zoo). They know their powerful position (acquired due to infiltration of our political system and deception mainly) is eroding and they’re pulling out all the stops.

Luckily, we have the ability to raise awareness now through so many different channels ranging from social media to the local news and more. The media is now picking up on the GMO issue, which they know will bring in more viewers and readers, so the time is ripe to raise our voices.

In regards to this particular textbook, concerns should be raised with the company itself, and with the principals and other officials at local schools, especially if your child may be reading from these or similar books. If we take the initiative to call or email them (click on this link to do so), we can at least pressure them to reconsider similar publications in the future and raise more awareness about this important issue. You can also let them know how you feel quickly and easily on their Facebook page here.

The odd thing about the above picture is that there don’t seem to be any actual “Cons” contained in the writing and editing exercise in this particular textbook.

And anyone who’s been reading the news lately with even a passing interest in GMO crops should know that they are highly controversial at the very least and that problems like super weeds and pests, health concerns and overuse of chemicals have cropped up; and that there is a massive worldwide protest movement in favor of freedom from GMOs and for natural, organic food.

It’s up to us to change the narrative by flipping it on its head, and we’ve been doing exactly that for the past year-plus. Keep up the good work, raise your voice and be vigilant- We need your help now more than ever.

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