Team of 20 Attorneys Requests Stronger Safety Testing for Baby Food After 101 Sickened

Baby food recall announced as attorneys seek better safety testing for baby food.


Food safety testing is designed to keep consumers safe, but a breach in trust occurred recently as 101 sickening incidents were reported as part of a mass poisoning event linked to three brands of recalled applesauce puree products.

A total of 422 cases of possible poisonings were reported.

The poisonings have led FDA attorneys to pressure the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to strengthen protection mechanisms for baby food customers.

The attorneys are requesting that the FDA “issue guidance to the baby food industry on finished product testing for lead and other toxic elements,” according to a report from

Petition Filed in 2021, FDA Ignored It 

The attorneys previously attempted to raise standards for baby food purity in 2021 when they asked the FDA to “drive down the levels of toxic heavy metals in food intended for babies and young children, including by issuing FDA guidance on finished product testing.”

The petition was brought up again in 2022 as the attorneys urged the FDA to reconsider it, a few short years before the poisonings occurred.

Investigation Into Baby Food Poisonings Continues 

The FDA has continued its investigation into the hundreds of lead poisoning cases that have been tied to applesauce pouches from WanaBana, Weis and Schnucks brands, which have all been recalled due to heavy metal contamination.

Bipartisan lawmakers said last month that they believed the lead contamination may have been intentional.

The FDA warned consumers in a Twitter post that the companies implicated did not test their products for heavy metals prior to placing them on store shelves of dollar stores nationwide.

The agency warned that no one should eat these products due to potential contamination.


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