Melt Away Back Pain and Stress With This Magnesium-Rich Lavender Bath Recipe



Everybody has their own unique ways to de-stress, and there’s no better than to turn out all of the lights in your bathroom, light a few candles, and slide into a warm, stress-relieving bath.

Until now most people bought their bath products from companies that didn’t care about their health and packed them full of harsh chemicals.

But now that more people are getting on board with natural health, times are changing.

The best bath products are not products at all but the ones that you make at home with your own simple, natural ingredients.

In the case of a stress-relieving bath it doesn’t get any better than lavender, and this naturopathic doctor-recommended recipe will melt away the stress while also helping to heal back pain at the same time.

lavender bath recipe

The best bath products are the ones you make at home, like the lavender recipe below.



Heavenly Lavender Detox Bath

Dr. Josh Axe is well respected in the world of naturopathic medicine and the founder of a popular website. Dr. Axe recommends a pretty unique bath recipe from the website for stress relief and back pain including lavender essential oil.

As with any relaxing bath recipe using Epsom salt as the base is recommended. The mineral with the official symbol “Mg” is well known for its relaxing properties since it helps our body to combat stress.

Here is a simplified version of the recipe Dr. Axe recommends similar to one that I have been using for stress relief; it has a little less oil in it but you can modify to your own needs. This recipe also helps greatly for those suffering from chronic back pain:

Heavenly Lavender Bath Ingredients:

-2 cups Epsom Salts or Natural Bath Minerals

-1 Cup Baking Soda

-10 Drops Lavender Oil

-5 Drops Peppermint or Eucalyptus Oil

-2 Tbsp Dried Lavender (optional) 

-1 Tbsp Dried Eucalyptus Leaves (optional) 

Simply Bath Salts Lavender Natural Bath Salt -

Bath salts are best when they’re homemade. This recipe is great for back pain, stress and more.



Instructions: Mix the baking soda and minerals/Epsom Salt together in a large bowl, and add the drops of essential oil next while stirring evenly. Add the lavender and eucalyptus leaves to the mixture last.

Use one cup of the mixture per bath for at least 20 minutes and keep the rest in a glass jar.

According to Dr. Axe, Epsom Salt works to fight inflammation (which leads to back pain) and to soothe sore muscles. Eucalyptus oil (or peppermint oil) helps to fight inflammation and to open up the pores. 

The leaves were added to this recipe because they’re a great complement to the oils that release a refreshing mist when hot water is added.

Be sure to use a fluoride-removing water filter too if you have the chance (I like this one from Omica Organics, it’s very affordable and I notice a big difference in the way my skin feels after a shower).

Altogether this bath is an amazing way to treat yourself at least once a week, especially if you have high levels of stress or chronic back pain.

You deserve it…Enjoy! 

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