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“Thanks for Killing My Business:” Europeans in Several Countries March Against Coronavirus Lockdowns, Prolonged Economic Devastation

    As the coronavirus situation continues to unfold across the world, more and more people are standing up to government lockdowns and demanding a different plan of action. In Italy, demonstrations began on Monday after the national government ordered restaurant, bar, gym and cinema closures at 18:00 local time, [...]
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“War on Thanksgiving?” California Governor Imposes New Lockdown Regulations Including Ban on Gatherings of Three Households, Time Limits and Much More

  As the coronavirus situation continues to drag on, governors, mayors and other political figures have continued to expand regulations designed to curb the spread of the virus. But are these measures helping as much as these officials say they are, considering that little improvement has been shown and most [...]
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Proof That GMOs Should Be Banned? Years-in-the-Making Database Shows Scientific Studies of Monsanto’s Creations for the Very First Time

The genetically modified food experiment carried out on the unsuspecting public by Monsanto has only been taking place for about 25 years, and began with the first-ever failed GMO food, tomatoes, back in 1994. The so-called “FlavrSavr” GMO tomato was roundly rejected by consumers, restaurant chains, and supermarkets alike, leading [...]
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