“Thanks for Killing My Business:” Europeans in Several Countries March Against Coronavirus Lockdowns, Prolonged Economic Devastation


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As the coronavirus situation continues to unfold across the world, more and more people are standing up to government lockdowns and demanding a different plan of action.

In Italy, demonstrations began on Monday after the national government ordered restaurant, bar, gym and cinema closures at 18:00 local time, according to a report from BBC News.

“Small businesses argue that they are still recovering from that first lockdown, and that more restrictions could bankrupt them,” the report said.

Thousands also protested in Berlin, Germany on Sunday, as protesters express concerns that there freedoms were being taken away in favor of the lockdowns.

“We are here and we are loud because we are being robbed of our freedom” and “we are the people” were among the chants from protesters, some of whom held signs protesting the World Health Organization itself, which critics argue is too closely aligned with unelected billionaire and philanthropist Bill Gates, who has no formal medical training but has been paraded around in worldwide media as an expert on vaccines.

One demonstrator held a sign that said “World Lobbying Organization,” with the word “Health” crossed out from the organization’s official title.

Gates, who has been outspoken about the alleged need to vaccinate the entire world population against the coronavirus, is one of the most prominent donors to the World Health Organization, although he disguises his donations through various names.


Poland, France and the UK Also See Large Protests

Thousands also protested in Warsaw, Poland on Saturday, and were met with tear gas.

They held up banners saying, “Let us work, and let us decide on our own,” according to a report from Reuters.

In London, a similar protest of thousands was held, with participants in the “Stop the New Normal” group calling for an end to mask-wearing requirements.

“Thanks for killing my business and making me lose everything I have,” said one protester in a video taken by conservative journalist Kurt Zindulka in London.



The woman, who owns a beauty shop and did not identify herself by name, also owns a travel agency for cruise ships. Both have been almost entirely shut down due to coronavirus restrictions.

“With the beauty, even though I am now allowed to return to work, under strict conditions, but nobody really goes out anymore,” she said. “Not many people are going on holiday, so my client base is non-existent basically,” she explained.

According to Dr. David Navarro of the controversial WHO organization, lockdowns may have been greatly over-exaggerated in terms of their effectiveness.

“The only time we believe a lockdown is justified is to buy you time to recognize, regroup, rebalance your resources, protect your health workers who are exhausted, but by and large, we’d rather not do it,” he said earlier this month.

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