Chicken Meat Washed With Chlorine Still Widely Sold in the U.S., But Banned Throughout Europe





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The United States is the second largest poultry consuming country on the planet at a rate of 109.7 pounds per capita, behind only Israel and just ahead of Malaysia, Australia and Brazil according to a 2019 report from

But unbeknownst to millions of chicken consumers in the U.S. are the answers to a question very few people are asking: what exactly is in all of that factory farmed chicken we consume on a daily basis?

Back in 2016, a frustrated Perdue chicken farmer and whistleblower took to the Russian media, through the website Russia Today, to blow the lid off of trade secrets in the U.S. regarding the top three meaningless claims on chicken labels, including “antibiotic-free” and other similar marketing buzzwords.

Now, the British media is exposing the U.S. chicken industry once again, shedding light on its biggest and most widely under-reported secret.



Chlorinated Chicken Banned in the EU Still Sold in the U.S.

While the World Health Organization recommends that water supplies are only treated with a maximum of 5 milligrams of chlorine per liter, the United States’ industrialized system of farming completely ignores this warning, especially within the toxic, dirty poultry industry.

Not only are most chickens produced in the United States fed a largely unnatural diet of genetically engineered corn and soybeans, but the chicken meat itself is washed with a staggering amount of chlorine compared to the WHO guidelines ⁠— 50 milligrams of chlorine per liter, according to a report this week in The Guardian.

While the EU is not perfect, allowing its salad leaves to be treated with chlorine washes less than half of the amount used on U.S. poultry, the industry has been responding to consumer concerns by moving away from this practice.

Meanwhile in the United States, heavily chlorinated chicken continues to be sold to unsuspecting customers without proper labeling; just one component of a multi-pronged assault on consumers’ health through dirty, contaminated meat.

In 2017, an already serious problem became even worse, as a massive new trade deal opened up the floodgates for more dangerously untested, potentially contaminated chicken from China to enter the U.S. market.



How to Avoid Chlorine-Contaminated Chicken and Why It Matters

While the former Monsanto, Bayer and other companies have been known to push the narrative that GMO feed, chlorinated chicken, and similar foods are necessary to feed growing populations and to ensure a safe and affordable food supply, the poultry industry in Britain shows otherwise.

Chicken in the UK is reportedly “already as cheap as chips,” despite its reliance on much higher standards for animal welfare and clean production methods. Small-scale organic and more natural farming is the clear answer, and even the United Nations admits.

If you’re in the United States and want to avoid imported, GMO fed or chlorine-contaminated chicken at levels far above the recommended WHO totals, your best bet is to buy local, organic and pasture-raised meats from a trust organic farmer.

These products can oftentimes be found at farmer’s markets, CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) organizations, and at the farms themselves.

Considering that meats from animals raised on pasture are often far more nutritious than their factory-farm raised counterparts, investing in cleaner, more environmentally friendly meat is a far better choice for everyone involved.

Where to Find Pasture-Raised, Organic Chicken Online 

pasture raised chickens

To try pasture-raised chicken, visit this link. Pasture-raised chicken is the healthiest kind available; even though it costs a little more it is well worth the extra expense in my personal experience.

Visit this link to try pasture-raised chicken from the independent, organic company REP Provisions.

This company raises its chickens on pesticide-free fields free from chlorine and other nasty chemicals.

Your body, and the environment, will thank you.

Go here now to try it

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