Product Review: Delicious, Sparkling Drinks Formulated for Focus, Immunity, and Concentration

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About 12.8% of U.S. adults have some type of cognitive disability causing serious difficulty concentrating, remembering, or making decisions.

To fill the void, doctors have prescribed Adderall among several other similar drugs for focus. Adderall is classified as a Schedule II controlled substance because of its addictive potential.

With the rise of the natural health movement in the last ten-plus years, new supplements, capsules, potions, pills, and drinks have sprung up for the purpose of providing people with natural ways to concentrate and focus better.

One of the latest is BioLift, a drink that prides itself on working in minutes and lasting for hours.

Recently I had the chance to try a six-pack of BioLift focus drinks and came away impressed. These are my thoughts.

BioLift Flavors

BioLift comes in three main flavors: Mandarin Orange, Sparkling Mixed Berry, and Sparkling Mango.

Of these three flavors I enjoyed the Sparkling Mixed Berry the most. This flavor contains Elderberry, a powerful immune-boosting herb, along with Gingko Biloba, Guarana, and Carob, a low-glycemic index sweetener.

The blend was delicious and flavorful and the drinks did exactly what they said they would. I felt energized and focused for quite some time after drinking them, and ended up chugging at least two drinks in a short window of time because of their delicious flavors and health benefits.

Learn More About BioLift or Try It Here

BioLift Ingredients 

The active ingredients in BioLift are ones I have taken and utilized successfully for many years of my life.

Gingko- This helps to support concentration and uplifts mood in the user. I used to use this when I was younger but hadn’t tried it in a long time. I definitely noticed both of the benefits listed here.

Elderberry- Elderberry tastes great and helps to prevent viruses from latching on to human cells. I could taste the elderberry in these blends which was a bonus to me because of how delicious the taste is in my personal opinion.

Carob- Carob tastes like a lighter, less intense chocolate. It is a low glycemic index sweetener.

Guarana- A stimulant that has similar effects to caffeine. Improves alertness and focus.


Read About the Science Behind BioLift Drinks Here


Final Thoughts on BioLift Drinks 

Overall, I enjoyed these drinks a lot and my body seemed to crave them the more that I drank them. I felt increased energy and alertness and it lasted a long time.

If you’d like to try BioLift Drinks, learn more on their website here.

Special thanks to BioLift for providing me with these drinks for review purposes!

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