Monsanto, Bayer Forced to Pay Nearly $7 Million Over False Claims Lawsuit Settlement

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Monsanto and Bayer have been the same company since 2018’s merger that saw the latter company pay more than $60 billion for the acquisition.

Since then, the news has come swiftly and mostly evaded mainstream media headlines. A $125 million deal to produce GMO strawberries, wheat and more was announced. A $10 billion verbal deal was reached to resolve cases of alleged poisonings.

Now, the chemical company is in the news again, this time over a lawsuit settlement that revolves around allegedly false and misleading claims regarding its popular weedkiller, Roundup.

New York Attorney General Announces Huge Monsanto Settlement 

New York Attorney General Letitia James announced a $6.9 million settlement that will go toward undoing environmental damage that Bayer and Monsanto’s products have done.

James said that pesticide companies like Bayer must be honest with consumers about the impacts their products are having on the health of plant and animal life.

“Pesticides can cause serious harm to the health of our environment, and pose a deadly threat to wildlife, including pollinators and other species vital to agriculture,” she said.

“It is essential that pesticide companies — even and especially the most powerful ones — are honest with consumers about the dangers posed by their products so that they can be used responsibly. Once again, Monsanto and the company’s current owner, Bayer, made false and misleading claims about the safety of their products, but we will not allow them to get away with endangering our environment. My office will continue to protect the health of New York’s environment by ensuring our laws are respected and followed.”


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The case revolved around Bayer and Monsanto’s claims. The companies stated in advertising that their weedkiller products containing glyphosate are safe and non-toxic “without adequate substantiation,” according to a report from Sustainable Pulse.

The claims reportedly violated state laws against ‘false and misleading advertising,’ breaching a previous settlement the OAG (Office of the Attorney General) reached with Monsanto in 1996. That year, Monsanto told the Office they would be ‘committed to stopping unsubstantiated claims regarding the safety of Roundup products containing glyphosate.’

A 2022 report of the Empire State Native Pollinator Survey found that at least 40 percent and as many as 60 percent of New York state’s native pollinator species are at risk of disappearing, the Pulse said.


The OAG will use the $6.9 million payment to ‘prevent, abate, restore, mitigate or control the impacts of toxic pesticides such as those containing glyphosate on pollinators or aquatic species.’

Research, monitoring, education, habitat management, restoration and enhancement of natural habitats will be the Office’s focus.

In addition, Bayer and Monsanto have been told to immediately remove or discontinue advertisements declaring Roundup as ‘safe, non-toxic, harmless, or free from risk to pollinators and other wildlife.’

An annual report must be submitted in compliance and the companies will be subject to a $100,000 penalty for each failure to uphold obligations pertaining to the settlement.

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