Holistic Doctor Shares: These are the Top Five Foods for Men to Transform Their Health

Dr. Jose Axe foods for men


Dr. Josh Axe is a well known holistic chiropractor whose talks and articles on nutrition have reached millions of people.

He’s also the founder of the Ancient Nutrition line of Bone Broth, collagen and other products, and has one of the most popular health channels on all of YouTube.

Dr. Axe sat down for a discussion on the most healing foods for men in one of his videos, during which he recommended his top five foods.

Among them are one familiar fruit that most people think is a vegetable, a vegetable that most people don’t eat nearly often enough, a type of nut that has been known as a health food for decades, and two animal-based products that are superior to the type of products you will find in most grocery stores.

Superfood for Men #1: Tomatoes 

Tomatoes are a nightshade with some anti-nutrients, and not everyone tolerates them as well as others.

But according to Dr. Axe they are number one on his list for the best foods for men because of their ability to heal the prostate and support prostate health.

Raw tomatoes are excellent for this purpose, and cooked tomatoes have more lycopene, an antioxidant that is especially healing for men’s prostate health.


Superfood for Men #2: Broccoli

Many men tend to neglect eating enough vegetables in their diet according to Dr. Axe.

Dr. Axe recommends that men eat more broccoli to help fill their nutritional needs such as Vitamin C, Calcium and Magnesium.

Broccoli helps to alkalize the body and promote recovery, perfect for anyone who eats a lot of meat, cheese and bread in their daily diet.

Broccoli sprouts are also healing, as is organic broccoli powder.

organic broccoli powder

Superfood for Men #3: Almonds

Almonds contain zinc, which is one of the healthiest foods for men, especially for reproductive organs like the prostate gland.

They also are packed with the amino acid L-arginine, which helps to build muscle and increase HGH (human growth hormone).

Superfood for Men #4: Organic, Free Range Eggs 

Organic eggs are a superfood for improving and balancing hormone levels, including HGH.

They are packed with the protein albumin, which Dr. Axe says is the best type of protein for building muscle.


Superfood for Men #5: Organic, Grass-Fed Red Meat

While mainstream nutritionists recommend avoiding red meat, Dr. Axe is among a growing chorus of holistic doctors and health advocates who have stated in recent months and years that the source of your red meat really matters.

Ideally, you should choose grass-fed, organic meats like these ones whenever making your purchases.

There is also a type of meat called regeneratively raised meat which is said to be even better than organic.

If you’d like to try regenerative, organic meat from REP Provisions, click on this link and use code ‘althealthworks’ for a discount at checkout.

Watch the full video from Dr. Axe below, and be sure to remember these five foods the next time you’re shopping for yourself, or the man or men in your life.




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