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Overlooked, Naturally Occurring Compound Heals Joint Pain and Arthritis. Helps Regrow Hair and is Anti-Cancer

The supplement and vitamin aisle is packed with many different pills, products and potions, but sometimes the best ones are the simplest and most overlooked. Among these supplements is MSM, also known as Methylsulfonylmethane. It sounds like an unhealthy substance created by the chemical industry, but MSM is actually a naturally-occurring [...]
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Stanford Neuroscientist Shares: Do This Each Night to Fall Asleep Quickly, and Get More Deep Sleep Than Ever Before

The societal challenge of mental health problems among adults and children has led to a rise in listeners for experts like Dr. Andrew Huberman, a Stanford University trained neuroscientist whose wildly popular Huberman Lab Podcast is a favorite of thousands. Recently, Huberman was featured on the YouTube channel of best-selling [...]
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