Warning: These Two Chemicals Prevent Your Body From Absorbing Iodine, an Essential Nutrient. Avoid at All Costs!

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More than 1.9 billion people are deficient in iodine worldwide, although the number could be much higher.

Iodine is an essential element generally not found in table salt anymore, which means it must be acquired through either diet or supplementation.

Element number 53 on the periodic table, iodine has a multitude of uses and benefits including the following:

-Promotes thyroid health

-Reduces the risk of goiters (an enlarged thyroid gland)

-Helps to treat thyroid cancer (more info here including possible side effects)

-Improves cognitive function

-Improves birth weight in newborns among pregnant women

-Disinfects water

-Protects against radiation

-May help reverse hair loss by regenerating hair follicles

-Counteracts too much estrogen in the body

-Improves metabolism

Adults and teens need at least 150 mcg of iodine daily, although many naturopathic and functional doctors often prescribe higher doses.

Unfortunately, there are at least two chemicals that block our absorption of the mineral, according to naturopath Dr. Eric Berg.

Naturopath: Avoid These Two Chemicals That Block Iodine in the Body 

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In the video below, Dr. Berg, a health educator, author and chiropractor, describes the main functions of iodine including what it does for the thyroid.

He also provides information on two omnipresent chemicals that block absorption of this crucial mineral.

Thankfully, there are action steps that can be taken to remove these two chemicals, which are as follows according to Dr. Berg.

Chemical #1: Fluoride 


sodium fluoride

Fluoride is added to our water supply under the justification of being “good for teeth,” but the type used in our water carries many potential side effects. This fluoride is a waste product of the fertilizer industry that may cause serious health problems.

Fluoride blocks the absorption of iodine according to Dr. Berg, and was described as a “conclusive” cancer causer according to Dr. Dean Burk, who spent decades researching fluoride at the National Cancer Institute in the 1960s.

In 2015, the government finally admitted that Americans had been overdosed on fluoride and lowered levels in our water supply.

Still, the problem persists.

Dr. Berg recommends investing in a water filter that removes fluoride like this one from Clearly Filtered.

Many bottled water brands still contain fluoride according to the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA), which released this list of brands.

If you’d like to try an at-home water fluoride filter from Clearly Filtered, click on this link and use code ‘althealthworks’ for a discount at checkout.

clearly filtered


Another major source of fluoride exposure is through shower water.

There is a water filter created by the company Omica Organics pictured below that takes out fluoride.

I have been using this filter for almost a decade now, but it sells out often.

Click here to try this one-of-a-kind fluoride filtering shower filter in your home, or click on the picture below (use code SCHOOL for a 20% back-to-school discount on this filter at checkout).

omica organics fluoride shower filter

Chemical #2: Bromide or Bromate


white bread

Bromate is found in flour and bread products and is banned in several other countries.

It is used to make dough more elastic, but blocks iodine absorption and causes other health problems according to Dr. Berg.

The iodine I have been taking lately is shown below. It really seems to help in many of these areas, especially hair growth, metabolism and overall health, cognitive and vitality. Try it here or click the picture below to learn more

Iodine, Chemicals, Iodine Absorption

For more information on the uses of iodine, these two chemicals, and how to maximize absorption, watch the full video on iodine from Dr. Berg in the player below:

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