How One Specific Type of Honey Can Help You Lose Belly Fat

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Research has suggested that taking honey instead of sugar has a positive effect on reducing belly fat, and also that honey can help reduce blood glucose levels. But did you know that it may also help to reduce belly fat? Read on…

Honey is one of the sweetest and most delicious foods out there, made from the labor of thousands of bees working together in unison to provide for themselves and those around them.

Bees are struggling due to many factors such as neocotinoid-coated seeds, EMF towers, indiscriminate pesticide spraying, genetically modified foods and much more, but did you know that supporting your local beekeeper or buying raw honey can actually help you to achieve a flat stomach?

Eating honey all day probably won’t lead you closer to that goal, but eating it at the right time just might. Most people know that honey is far healthier than refined sugars because it reaches the bloodstream more slowly and won’t spike blood sugar nearly as much.

Honey is the Best ‘Liver Fuel’ Before Bed

What they don’t know is that the glucose boost provided by honey is actually some of the best liver fuel you could ever get in your diet, as it helps the liver to perform all of its countless detoxifying functions within the body.

Raw honey can help fuel the liver and eliminate belly fat when taken at night.

Raw honey can help fuel the liver and eliminate belly fat when taken at night.

In the case of honey, the best time to use it to help eliminate belly fat is to take a teaspoon or so of raw honey right before bed. Make sure the honey is truly raw and unheated from a farmer or a farmer’s market rather than the grocery store (these honey products are often heated).

It may seem counterproductive to eat raw honey late at night, but it’s actually quite ingenious: the glucose from the honey will be released slowly into your system, allowing your liver all the fuel it depends to detoxify and cleanse your system.

Since toxins often manifest themselves as fat cells around your midsection (this is actually the number one reason why most people can’t get rid of stubborn belly fat), it’s important to support the liver as much as possible.

And making sure your liver has a readily-available source of fuel by using raw honey at night is one of the best ways to make it happen.

Digestive Enzymes in Raw Honey

Honey is also rich in digestive enzymes that help the human body to break down the various building blocks that it gains through food.

The enzymes found in honey include the following:



Glucose Oxidase






When a person consumes digestive enzymes such as these in the form of raw honey, preferably (sourced from organic keeping regions like this one), they build up their “enzyme bank.” The more enzymes and the better quality and variety a person has, the better they will be able to process, digest and properly absorb nutrients from food.

In the long term, weight loss and a more slender appearance typically occur as a result of consuming more of these enzyme-rich foods, including raw honey.

This honey is raw and sourced from organic beekeepers in the Yucatan region of Mexico where Monsanto was recently evicted! Try it by clicking here or on the picture below. This is my favorite new raw, enzyme-rich honey!



Nutritionist’s Honey Based Health Hack

Upon reading a 2004 study in the Journal of Medicinal Food from April 2004 showing that honey may reduce blood glucose levels, Mike McInnes and his son Stuart began crafting what would later become known as The Hibernation Diet, a protocol that emphasized avoiding refined sugar and carbohydrates but allowed honey before bed as a source of glucose for the liver to help metabolize fat and remove toxins more efficiently overnight.

McInnes says that he’s tested the diet on professional athletes and has shown along with even a 15-minute, 3 days a week exercise program that taking raw (preferably as organic as possible) honey before bed can have a dramatic effect on supporting a healthy biology and the body’s ability to burn fat even while sleeping.

While further trials are needed, the combination of the research on honey and the success of natural healers like McInnes and also author Dr. Ron Fessenden (who has his own simple raw honey trick that is similar) show great promise, and it’s a simple tweak you can add to your diet that will help support the all-important local beekeepers as well.

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