Product Review: Herbal Formulae for Immunity, Joint Health, and Inflammation From Leefy Organics

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There are countless health challenges being faced by the general populace at this time. Chronic disease is rampant. Meanwhile, herbal medicine is being ignored in favor of potentially dangerous drugs that suppress symptoms and cause unnatural reactions in the human body.

Recently, I had the opportunity to check out high quality organic supplements from the company Leefy Organics, and enjoyed the variety and effects of these three blends.

Here are my impressions of each blend: 


Nidra (for Joint Health, Muscle Recovery, and Sleep Support)- 

This blend from Leefy includes a mixture of Organic Tart Cherry, Organic Blue Vervain Flower, Organic Chamomile Flower, and Organic Passion Flower.

The tart cherry is something I have added to my wellness routine for years. Tart cherry helps the body to naturally produce melatonin, which is important for a healthy sleep schedule and deep, restorative sleep.

Blue vervain flower like many flowers is excellent for enhancing mood and alleviating depression.

Passion flower can help with anxiety and sleep problems. It is also calming. Chamomile adds similar relaxation and calming effects to the blend.

Overall, I thought this is an intelligently designed and well-executed product, especially for people who work at night or work out at night and need something to help them wind down and recover quickly.

You can find this product on the Leefy website here (use code ‘althealthworks’ for a discount at checkout).


Immunity (for Immune System Support)- 

This blend is one of the more unique supplements I have tried. It has elderberry juice listed as the second-to-last ingredient, a potent anti-viral. With its purple color, I expected this blend to taste sweet.

It did taste sweet, but also includes several tastes that aren’t for the faint of heart, even though they are subtle. Those include: organic yellow onion, organic hardneck garlic bulb, and organic oregano oil.

The subtle taste of these pungent herbs is not too bad once you get used to it. And because of the cleansing power of these herbs, along with ginger, the final ingredient, the overall utility of this herbal blend is sky-high.

Overall I would definitely recommend this blend for day-to-day cleansing first thing in the morning and at night on an empty stomach. These pungent herbs aren’t everybody’s favorite but they are great for overall health.

You can find this all-organic immunity blend by clicking here

Prana (for Inflammation)- 

This product is centered around turmeric and ginger root, which are two excellent herbs. I have taken turmeric so much and so often that this is not as exciting to me as the other two blends, but I can’t deny that this is a healthy and incredibly useful blend of herbs suspended in liquid.

This blend along with the others from Leefy Organics includes organic vegetable glycerin and purified water. Great for maintenance, gut health, and reduction of inflammation.

Each herbal blend from Leefy costs about 30 to 36 dollars and is great for overall maintenance. By consuming this consistently, you will kill the bad bugs in your system including parasites, viruses, and harmful bacteria (the Immunity blend is especially great for killing parasites).

Overall these are highly recommended. They are not as robust as some other herbal cleansing products I have tried but they get the job done.

Each bottle contains 60 drops which equates to 30 servings per container.

Try the Prana blend by clicking on this link, and don’t forget to use code ‘ALTHEALTHWORKS’ to receive your discount at checkout.


Nick Meyer Founder

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