How to Make Your Own Natural Home First Aid Kit: Our Picks for the Best Healing Remedies

Lavender has a ton of medicinal uses.

Lavender has a ton of medicinal uses.


You can’t have a safe home without first aid supplies, but many of them are chemically-laced products that don’t support the right industries and may have side effects that you don’t want to deal with, especially when you’re trying to recover from an injury or ailment.

That’s just one reason why creating your own natural first aid kit at home is well worth the effort. In addition to the obvious appeal of being prepared for whatever health emergencies may arise, you can also use many of the products in the first aid kit for other things as you see fit, since they all have multiple everyday uses.

(Note: Please remember that the items on this list are not meant to be a substitute for receiving professional emergency medical or other assistance. Always exercise caution in an emergency situation and consult a doctor before using these items).

What should you include in your own home natural first aid kit? Here are our suggestions:

Lavender Oil- An excellent anti-septic and anti-inflammatory oil, lavender can be applied topically to everything from burns to bruises to blisters. It reduces pain, the risk of infection and helps to generate new skin. Also, the pleasant smell can help alleviate tension and provide calm to anyone who happens to be suffering. Check out a high-quality lavender essential oil here.

Peppermint Oil- Great to use in a pinch for a headache, this essential oil will send more oxygen to your brain in just 1-2 drops in water, or in a carrier oil rubbed on the temples for headache relief. It also works well for digestive problems. You can try some therapeutic-grade peppermint oil by clicking here.

Jewelweed- One of the best natural remedies for poison ivy and oak, a friend of mine actually grows it on his organic farm just in case he ends up with those ailments, so he always has a fresh supply on hand. Read more about the benefits of jewelweed in this article from our website.

Sangre de Drago- Also known as “Dragon’s Blood,” this Amazon Rainforest Herbal remedy is a South American cousin to Aloe Vera in the way that it helps to heal wounds. The thick red sap has some of the strongest antioxidant and wound-healing properties in the world. The video below shows its unique healing properties.


You can learn more about the powerful effects of Sangre de Drago by checking out this article from our website.

Cayenne Capsules or Pepper- Cayenne pepper is excellent for wounds that won’t stop bleeding, when placed as a powder onto a wound. There also have been reports of cayenne and warm water helping to stop heart attacks in progress! You can get some organic cayenne here.

Arnica Gel- Used for ankle sprains and muscle fatigue, this plant-based gel supplement works quite well for any type of physical ailment. Learn more about how I used it to overcome a nasty ankle sprain in this article from our website.

Activated Charcoal- Found in capsules or powder, activated charcoal is a cheap and effective way to detox from insect stings, bites or snake bites. Of course you should contact poison control first if the situation is really bad or not known, but this can really help. It’s also useful in cases of diarrhea or food poisoning making it a great resource for your home first aid kit that just happens to be all-natural.

You can take it internally or make it into a paste to rub on wounds or bites/stings. Check out an activated charcoal supplement by clicking here.

Aloe Vera Gel- Aloe Vera, the “lily of the desert,” is one of the world’s true superfoods that can be used for far more things than we have time to list right here.

It’s best and perhaps most famous use is to heal the skin. It works equally well on scrapes, cuts, burns and more, forming a protective anti-bacterial barrier of gel. It’s safe for any skin type or condition, and an invaluable resource for any natural home first aid kit. You can find organic aloe vera gel for your skin by clicking here. It’s also very useful for sunburns.

Ginger Capsules- Great for preventing nausea and motion sickness, ginger capsules or crystallized ginger can be found at your local health food store. Or you can simply make your own tea from ginger and take it whenever you need it.

Recovazon- This blend of healing herbs from the Amazon Rainforest might be the best way to beat inflammation and to heal from physical injuries that I’ve tried. It also helped me with a speedy recovering from a pretty bad ankle injury.

In this video below, “Amazon John” Easterling, founder of the Amazon Herb Company, describes how he drove his car off a cliff in Malibu and used Recovazon to heal from a compression fracture of his spine.


In case you don’t have time to watch the video above, here’s a rundown: Easterling (the husband of actress and singer Olivia Newton-John,  got in the accident and was recommended to begin a program that involved a lot of “hardware” and uncomfortable rehab exercises.

“I think I’m going to go with the Recovazon program,” he said.

Easterling began to bathe in the formula, taking it internally and topically as well.

“After three months the doctors did the x-rays again and said, ‘That’s the most dramatic recovery I’ve ever seen from an injury like that,’ I said, ‘Can you write that down?”

Of course the doctors did, but the power of Recovazon for both healing from injuries and recovering from workout soreness still isn’t widely known. If you’d like to try Recovazon you can click on this link.

Recovazon includes the following ingredients: manaca, iporuru, sarsaparilla, tayuya, dong quai, samambaia,tangerine peel, aquilaria, safflower, dalbergia wood, bitter orange, uña de gato (one of the world’s strongest antioxidants) and peach kernel.

You can view the full ingredients list by clicking here.

I keep it in my medicine cabinet above the sink and use it whenever I’m feeling sore or for any injuries I might come across such as the ankle sprain, for which it helped tremendously along with Arnica Gel.

Thanks for reading our best picks for your all-natural home first aid kit, and good luck staying safe and healthy!

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