The Raw Nutella Recipe that Would Make Willy Wonka Jealous


Nutella, the European-made chocolate hazelnut spread that is so beloved around the world, is a bit healthier than other traditional chocolate products, but not by too much.

It still contains a little too much processed sugar and some preservatives that I personally would avoid.

In the raw dessert world, however, it’s wholly possible to come up with recipes that not only mimic the best flavors of favorite desserts and sweets such as Nutella, but also to do it in a way that supports your health rather than draining it.

This recipe for homemade freshly ground “Nutella” is relatively simple from an ingredients standpoint, but packs a ton of flavor enough to make Willy Wonka jealous, as our guest raw chef Myra Marvez put it.

This recipe was originally posted in the Facebook group Raw Food Wild Riot. Myra will also be launching her website sometime in early 2014.

The makings of the raw Nutella recipe.

The makings of the raw Nutella recipe.

Raw Nutella Recipe

For this recipe, you should start with the following ingredients, organic if available:

-2 lbs. hazelnuts

-1 cup coconut palm sugar

-3/4 cup raw cocoa powder (or cacao)

-One pinch of Celtic sea salt

Once you’ve got the ingredients at the ready, begin by grinding down the nuts together with the sugar and cocoa powder in a high-speed blender (or much smaller amounts if regular blender).

Once the mixture becomes fine and crumbly, as much as you can get it that way, slowly feed into a stone grinder (Myra used the Spectra for this one). The grinder should be turned on just before the mixture is added.

Exercise some patience as the mixture begins to break down, and then keep dding more until you run out. The stone grinder should be left running from 3 to 6 hours altogether, or even longer.

Once you have this amount going you may add a similar amount using the same procedure–if you so desire. It is a good idea to place fan between the motor and the metal container; to keep chocolate cool And not allow it to overheat.

This Raw Nutella recipe can be used in a variety of raw desserts, as a dip, or simply eaten whole. Enjoy!

The finished product- Raw Nutella recipe with Myra.

The finished product- Raw Nutella recipe with Myra.


P.S. Thanks for reading! Be sue to check out the Raw Food Wild Riot Facebook group for more recipes, and keep an eye out for Myra’s site launching in 2014 as well!

Special thanks to Myra for the Raw Nutella recipe and pictures of the recipe and ingredients


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