Italians Have a Hard Time Coming to Terms with What Americans Pass Off as Snacks (Video)


One of the most important tools in our fight for a better food system has been to look at the way people do things in other countries.

For example in America, genetically modified foods, and the empty calorie processed foods based on them, are heavily subsidized to the detriment of poor, unsuspecting Americans.

In Italy, however, GMOs are largely banned, and the consequences for anyone growing them can be quite severe as this article shows. And processed snacks, while fairly common, don’t contain half of the junk like preservatives, artificial colors, and sugars that they do in the U.S. 

So, what happens when Italians are forced to sit down and formally introduce their taste buds to some of the most “phood” like processed American snacks?

Now I think I will never visit the U.S.” says one taste-tester. All this and more one liners to remember in the video below:




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