News Segment Asks the All-Important Question About Monsanto: Why Are We Being Fed By a Poison Expert?


Despite the popularity of articles exposing the truth about Monsanto and GMOs as well as the millions of people who attended the 2015 March Against Monsanto, the general public is still blissfully unaware of Monsanto, Roundup, and other key issues.

Recently, The Undercurrent — a snarky Australian news program, teamed up with the popular The Guardian newspaper to bring us this clip about Monsanto, Roundup, and other things that make those of us in the know shake our heads every time they’re brought up.

“Why are we being fed by a poison expert?” The host asks in the clip below while tying current events in with Monsanto’s dark past.

If you know someone who’s a little hard to reach and a still a little skeptical about why we need to avoid GMOs and boycott Monsanto, show them this:





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