Kids at Las Vegas School Erupt with Joy After Teacher Says They Can Finally Take Their Masks Off For Good


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The recent health crisis has lasted since March 2020 in the United States, during which everyone from “essential workers” to government officials to everyday people have been mostly forced to wear cloth masks on their faces.

While the CDC and other organizations state that these masks are helpful to prevent infection, and many government officials have said that they are “mandatory” for doing so, there is a hidden side to these cloth facial garments the media has mostly ignored: they’re uncomfortable to wear, and may actually cause harm to those who wear them, as several doctors warned according to two years ago.

Even the youngest students among us have also been forced to wear masks, in stark contrast to their natural way of being.

It’s no secret that millions of kids and adults alike aren’t exactly fans of wearing masks, and the joy of a classroom of students taking them off was on full display recently in Las Vegas in a video that is an absolute joy to watch.


Classroom of Students Breaks Out Happy Dances, Cheers as Mask Mandate Ends

The classroom of students erupted into cheers on February 10 after their teacher, Melissa Gravatt, announced they would no longer have to wear masks at school.

Like something out of a Charlie Brown holiday special, the kids begin dancing and celebrating on command as soon as Gravatt shares the big news.

The scene took place at John W. Bonner Elementary School.

Prior to it taking place, Nevada governor and Democrat Steve Sisolak announced the state would lift its mask mandate effective immediately.

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