Montana Mother Turns Need for Monsanto-Free Weed Control Into Ingeniously Simple New Business Idea


jewel dandelion salves and picking for health

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If you’ve been following along lately, you know just how dire the situation has become: millions of people worldwide continue to spray their lawns with toxic chemicals like Monsanto’s Roundup, and it’s poisoning wildlife from the bottom of the food chain to the top.

It seems like nothing can slow down the Monsanto-Bayer machine, but one woman is doing the best she can to help put in a dent in their bottom line, by starting an ingenious business in her native Montana.

It’s a unique business idea that requires very little overhead and has the potential to make a monumental difference, and it’s something that just about anyone can emulate in their local community with the right know-how and work ethic.

“As long as I have that basket full I’ll go home happy.”

Dandelions and their flowers may be seen as nothing more than a “nuisance weed” by the majority of Americans, but for Jewel Scherrer, they are a goldmine the backbone of her business, which is one part natural medicine and one part lawncare.

“All of our neighbors seem to spray or mow when they pop up,” she said according to an article from KULR8-TV in Missoula, Montana.

Scherrer has been picking dandelions in fields and backyards since she was a kid, a family tradition that was first taught to her by her aunt and mom.

Now, she’s making it her livelihood, transforming her love of dandelion picking into a business by turning them into a variety of oils, salves and teas.

Dandelions are well known to help detoxify the liver and other bodily systems, and according to Scherrer, her products also help to heal everything from eczema to stretch marks in her clients.

“The business and selling part is all new, but the picking and harvesting has been a lifelong thing,” Scherrer said according to the article.

She picks the bright yellow flowers from friends’ yards, helping them to save time, money and their health by avoiding chemicals.

But she gets most of her dandelions from school yards, where she brings her kids to play or help with the picking.

“After school hours you can go whenever… and pick your heart out,” she says in the article, saying that she’s made a lot of friends and that she goes home happy as long as she has a full basket at the end of the day.

dandelion salve

Scherrer shows off her handmade dandelion salve. Similar products are available on for helping with skin conditions like eczema and stretch marks.


More Ways to Help Kick Roundup Out of Your Community

Picking dandelions is generally recommended only as an end-of-the-spring activity by farmers and nature enthusiasts, because they are one of the best sources of food for the struggling bee population.

With that being said, it’s easy to see how one could make a thriving business out of helping customers with their weeds (and educating them on the plight of our pollinators in the process) the way Sherrer has done.

roundup ban california laguna hills

Tracy Madlener, who managed to get Roundup banned from her Laguna Hills, California community.

In addition to picking weeds, the story of Laguna Hills, California mother Tracy Madlener is also worth emulating.

Madlener was frustrated by toxic Roundup in her community and began spreading the word on social media about the dangers of Roundup.

She followed up with a simple four-step plan for creating a toxic-free community, and shocked everyone when she managed to get cancer-causing Roundup out of her community in a little over two months.

“…And yeah, we all (found) that we’re very emotional when we find out that our environment is just getting wrecked and our health is being ruined,” Madlener said, “By all these different chemicals that are in our environment.”


The stories of Scherrer and Madlener are just two ways that you can take control of the situation in your community by giving Monsanto the boot and helping to save our bees, birds, monarch butterflies and other wildlife from dying out, not to mention our health in the process.

For more information on Scherrer’s story, watch a video here. You can also learn how to make a non-toxic Roundup alternative for your garden by clicking here.

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