Mother, Yo-Yo Dieter Finds Secret to Weight Loss Success in New Zealand Black Currant Extract

A supplement based on the Black Currant named 'CurraNZ' has been shown to boost metabolism and assist weight loss without exercise.

Margie Adelman has used black currant in her weight loss supplement routine. She said it has helped her greatly.


Purple superfoods are one of the most overlooked in the world of plant based foods and medicines.

These types of foods generally are studied for their benefits for improving mental health, heart health, and protecting against cataracts. Other healing purple superfoods include bilberry, which improves vision, and acai berry, which is anti-viral and helps to balance blood sugar.

Recently, research has been shared by the supplement company CurraNZ, focused on its effects for helping users to burn ‘more fat in common problem areas’ when coupled with ‘just 30 minutes of moderate brisk-walking exercise.’

Currant Extract is a ‘Serious Tool’ For Fat-Burning, Study Says 

The study was undertaken by researchers at the University of Chichester in the United Kingdom.

It examined the effects of a unique berry supplement made from Enzans™, described as ‘an antioxidant-rich proprietary blackcurrant extract from New Zealand that makes the body favor fat as fuel instead of glucose.

This berry is especially effect at helping to improve fat burning from the legs according to the study. The researchers emphasized that exercise and a controlled diet should be used in conjunction with the supplement for enhancing bodyweight management and reduction in problem areas.

“These latest results provide yet more evidence that New Zealand blackcurrant extract can deliver greater benefit to people who carry extra weight, particularly in the legs,” Professor Mark Willems, who specializes in Exercise Physiology, said.


Women Reap Fat Burning Benefits the Most, Study Showed

Women in the study doubled their fat burning rates compared to an earlier study in men. They saw fat burning increases between 25% to 66%.

A group of recreationally active women was tested during the study. Each woman did 30 minutes of brisk walking after taking 600 milligrams of the extract, CurraNZ, for seven days.

The study measured the results of 12 women in total.

The findings:

-Average fat burning was 25%

-Not everyone responded to black currant, but those who did improved fat burning by 32% to 66%

-Nine women improved by 14% of more in total


The researchers that women with larger concentrations of fat on their legs as opposed to their arms benefited more from the CurraNZ supplement than those with fat localized more on their arms.

Researchers stated that adipocytes (fat cells) in legs may contribute more to fat burning during exercise than those fat cells located in the arms of abdomen.

Men Also Tested in Study 

A similar study on men was published last year and showed that black currant is more effective with longer use. A six percent increase in fat burning rates was recorded after 14 days.


One Woman’s Experience With CurraNZ

Margie Adelman is an advocate of the CurraNZ supplement who used it to great effect for her weight loss recently.

The mother of two has two kids ages 32 and 25. She called herself a “classic yo-yo dieter” before committing to using the black currant extract formula and getting off of the hamster wheel of ’10-20 pound weight loss (cycles)’ her entire life, she said in an email.

“I had blown up to my highest weight and was miserable,” Adelman said. “I always had a healthy lifestyle and ate clean foods, but just too much of everything.”

Adelman said her metabolism was ‘sluggish’ and she feels that CurraNZ, the black currant supplement, ‘helped (her) tremendously.’

“I don’t feel it’s a panacea, as nothing is, but as part of a weight loss management program and some changes, I was able to finally get (the weight) off,” she said.

Adelman is a naturopath and certified nutritionist.

Her “before” picture is shown below, prior to her weight loss with the black currant based supplement.

Margie Adelman prior to her weight loss with black currant.

Margie Adelman’s ‘before’ picture. Compare to her ‘after’ picture at the top of the article.


Switching Her Dietary Routine

Margie said she utilizes ketogenic diet style techniques for weight loss and switched to eating one main meal per day.

“One main meal is about mid-to-late afternoon and on some days maybe a shake in the morning or egg with low carb toast,” she said.

“Or I skipped that and opted for something very light after the main meal towards the evening but not after 7 p.m. So, I really did clean up my weight. The weight started to come off.”

She says she hit some plateaus along the way where she would typically gain the weight back.

“But this time, I feel, with the help of CurraNZ I was able to press forward and break through the plateau and keep resetting my ‘set point.'”

Walking For Health, Weight Management 

Adelman also began walking early and often, increasing the amount of steps she took each day.
She started with 5-7,000 steps per day and increased to 8-10,000 steps per day. Adelman said she walks four to five days per week and shoots for the maximum amount of steps each day. If she falls short of her goal, she keeps walking.
“It helps A LOT,” she said. I can see how my body responds on the scale.”
Adelman also does her best to buy low-carb breads and pastas if she does eat carbs, and found that this approach “works very well.”
“I wish you the best on your journey and hope that the currants help you reach your goal,” Adelman said. “But they need to be part of an overall plan, they are not magic bullets.
“The do help metabolically though. And, that’s a big advantage. I look forward to hearing your experience and please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions,” she added.

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